Wool Lifestyle

Our New Zealand wool has impeccable attributes. The integrity of the fibre is outstanding with a lot of effort being poured into its credentials as a truly sustainable material.

None of this matters if we forget to mention how wonderful it is to experience life with wool in your habitat.

Our wool is life enhancing. Wool is a fibre evolved by nature over centuries to provide warmth and safety. It does not melt. Wool won’t attract oily stains like some synthetic fibre.  Wool can breathe and moderate humidity making it great for asthma sufferers. Wool absorbs noise unlike hard floors. Manufactured right 100% wool products will outlast other materials and keep looking good for a very long time.

But what really matters is that wool feels lovely.

People aspire to luxury, and people like to feel good about their investments.  We have the fibre that delivers a luxurious and responsible lifestyle.




I have just recently discovered homify, an on-line image gallery which is free to browse and free to upload interiors images to, providing the quality is good.

“Andrew” called our office to say he had spotted our Laneve Style Gallery and thought our images were great, would be consider uploading them to homify.   Once we moved past the fact that Andrew was Australian we thought OK so we did..

It’s on the other side of this button..


We love being able to promote brilliant, quality carpets made from wool that we produced.

Screenshot from WNZ's homily page

Screenshot from WNZ’s homify page

SBID International Design Awards

Wools of New Zealand are sponsoring the “Intelligent Design” category of the Society of British Interior Design’s International Design Awards.

Wools of New Zealand is sponsoring the Awards as part of a wider campaign to place sustainably produced Laneve™ wool textiles in front of influential interior designers.

The Intelligent Design category is pure interior design.  It invites entries that create a solution to a design problem through innovative thinking.  This category is specifically for contract projects that have delivered the best design solutions to meet the client’s brief for the budget available.

The SBID International Design Awards has firmly established itself as one of the most prestigious and enjoyable events in the design industry calendar.
The awards serve to recognise, reward and celebrate design excellence across a broad range of categories.

Winning a SBID International Design Award is a high achievement as they are voted for exclusively by leading industry experts both for technical content and aesthetic creativity using two tiers of judging processes.

The Awards will be judged by international industry leaders; among them is Theo Williams, Head of Design at John Lewis; Matthew Carlisle, Creative Director at Candy & Candy; Azhar Azhar, Director of Conran + Partners and David Lewis, Managing Director of Sunseeker London.

Laneve™ is a premium brand from Wools of New Zealand. Laneve carpets and textiles are manufactured to strict quality and environmental standards by licensed partners.  The Laneve integrity programme not only gives assurance of product traceability to identifiable farmers, but also the confidence of responsibly sourced materials.

Wools of New Zealand select partners for the Laneve programme who are committed to providing excellence in style and sustainability.  All Laneve™ products are made from 100% Laneve wool, sustainably produced and traceable right back to individual farms on the lush, rolling pastures of New Zealand.

Lavinia Engleman, SBID’s Marketing Manager says “We are really pleased that Wools of New Zealand has recognised the opportunity bought by the Society of British Interior Design and the International Design Awards to promote its Laneve brand to an international audience who are hungry for innovative and sustainable interiors.  SBID has worked with Wools of New Zealand before and we know they bring real integrity along with a portfolio of sustainable products that will be of interest to our members.”

The SBID International Design Awards ceremony will be held in London on November 29th.

bbc manchester

Laneve Wool within Camira Fabrics “Blazer” creating an impcat in the new BBC Media City
– Photo courtesy Camira Fabrics –

The Style Gallery

As always we have to make it easy for people to fall in love with our products.
Today we have launched the Style Gallery to showcase the very best products that are created with the very best wool.

The Gallery includes products by Crucial Trading who are the latest brand to come on board with Laneve.

It’s a visual experience so the least said the better…

Just take a look at THE STYLE GALLERY

Crucial Trading Laneve

Kyoto in Laneve Wool by Crucial Trading

A little bit on Colour and Style

Ossimi courtesy of Flock – Natural Luxury

Colour (or color for our American friends) and style is a very personal thing. There are no right or wrong designs; it’s all about finding what works for you. There are things that work better than others and colour combinations that will create moods and be more in tune with fashion trends.
Culture plays an important role in colour selection with some colours having very different connotations depending on somebody’s background and their personal experiences and subsequent associations. You are never going to please all the people all the time, colour and style will always be down to a level of personal taste.
Colour is in everything around us but the actual colours we are exposed to are determined by our local environment and the objects we surround ourselves with.
The internet, social media and longer established media like cinema are also an influence so the local environment is no longer the only thing that sets taste. It’s an ever changing world we live in where colour and fashion will continue to evolve and be influenced by local and international events.

Designers spend a lot of time studying the psychology of colour and know how to create textiles and interiors that use colour for maximum or if desired minimum impact. Luckily the best examples are featured in trend magazines and websites making it relatively easy and affordable for us normal people to get inspired.
A few sites like Pinterest and Houzz.com are popping up where you can find interiors that look great and then post your favourite rooms and objects to virtual pin-boards. These are great tools for gathering ideas and deciding on a theme for your own home.
Have fun with it but remember to use Wool! Our Wool is perfect for any interior and offers truly unlimited colour and style options. New Zealand Wool is a modern fibre with incredible features that have been built in by nature over thousands of years.

Image courtesy of Bronte Carpets

The Obsession With Fake

20th century obsession with fake

21st century return to sanity.

Wool is made from grass

 Last century developed nations became obsessed with synthetic or fake products.  The discovey that crude oil could be altered chemically into polyamides (plastics) has seen our entire human habitats become un-natural. Which in my opinion is somewhat bizarre.
We now live in a world where entire generations have only been exposed to synthetic materials, nylon carpets, polyester clothing and vinyl have replaced silk, cotton and wool to the extreme that 96% of Americans live and work with textiles that are essentially plastic.  During this same period there has been a dramtic rise in incidence of conditions like asthma.

We now live in a smarter world. We are no longer fooled by advertising and propaganda and now look for true information before investing.  Social media allows person to person sharing of ideas, and the ideas that spread are the remarkable ones about things that have inherent integrity.  People are returning to natural products and are fast realising that the obsession with synthetics was just a very short blip in the thousands of year of history between man and natural materials.
The 21st century will naturally see the return to sensibility!
People don’t even realise the world around them is completely man made.
The 20th century’s obsession with fake has seen rises in disease as people simply are not exposed to natural elements that they have evolved over millenia to live with.  During the last few decades manufacturers of false materials have actually spread proaganda claiming that natural textiles can cause ill health.
Carpets were reported to be a safe haven for dust mites. Scientific research shows that asthmatics are far better to live with wool carpets that will absorb indoor air toxins and control indoor humidity than to live with hard flooring that can not keep  dust particles from entering the air we breathe.
If you get the chance walk on a nylon carpet on bare feet,  then walk on wool.  You won’t belive what you ahve been missing out on!
This century we are finally seeing people, even governments come to their senses.  People are starting to wake up and demand things made from real stuff that will enhance their lifestyles and make them and their familes lives healthier and richer. Green is no longer a movenemt for stinky hippies. Sustainability is now good business practice.
People now want things that are good for them and the planet. Things that are..
Sustainable Renewable Biodegrable