How to Buy New Carpet

Talk to the right professional.

We, the people at Wools of New Zealand get a lot of phone calls from home owners wanting to know how to clean their carpet, which type of carpet is best, what products we can suggest etc.

I suspect people are looking to buy from an internet site, to get a bargain perhaps, and are missing out on the best advice you get by talking to an interior design professional or a carpet showroom.

Of course we are always polite, and try to be helpful. We do know a lot about wool carpets. But we don’t manufacture carpet and we don’t sell carpet. We grow really amazing wool fibre that we sell to the people that do make carpets and interior textiles.

Carpet is a major investment in the look, comfort and health of your home or office. It’s worth talking to somebody who can understand your specific lifestyle and suggest the product that is going to perform.

A professional will work to your budget, take care of the installation, suggest a care and maintenance plan and if anything should deviate from the plan sort it out.

I prepared a list of great carpet stores and put them here

link to Wools of New Zealand where to but carpet site

Find a carpet shop.

The internet is great for getting ideas, researching trends, finding local stores and understanding what options are out there. Just as you would not buy a new car without sitting in the showroom model and taking a spin, you shouldn’t make a large investment in your home without understanding the features and benefits of wool carpet.

I just carpeted the stairs at home, and its looks fabulous. After having wooden stairs for a few months I also notice the home is warmer, significantly quieter and importantly much safer.   I have a dog and a teenager, so a pattern helps disguise any pet hair or teenager collateral damage.

I also noticed that visitors go “wow” and don’t just say, “Oh you got a new beige carpet”.   Our new wool carpet is awesome.

dog on wool carpet

Dogs love wool carpet

fabulous laneve carpet

This is Fabulous colour Ruby by Crucial Trading on my stairs.

Persuading people to buy our wool

New Zealand Wool is the fibre of choice in some of the world’s most beautiful textiles and we are working hard through the entire value chain to remind people to specify Wools of New Zealand branded wool.   There is no stronger argument to get a manufacturer to buy wool than having her customer demand it.  This is why we have a strong focus on the consumer and connecting with people before and at the point-of-sale.

The retail shop is where final decisions are made, where style and performance is weighed against price.   This is where the battle for our New Zealand wool is won or lost.

A customer walking in already informed about product benefits via our various digital media channels makes the battle a little easier, but no matter how much a consumer desires your brand she can easily be switched by a sales person who is pushing plastics or hard flooring.

We built The Laneve™ programme and our network of retailers, The Premier Partner – Showrooms of Excellence to ensure we are telling our story at every opportunity and most importantly to the right people at the right time.

We have collaborative marketing agreements in place to promote the benefits of these carpets to consumers with traceability and sustainability being a major selling point.

Colour and style is always the first thing to get right so we provide a cutting edge carpet design service for manufactures and we approve retail partners who have what it takes to sell a high value products to discerning consumers.   Laneve™ is purposely positioned into specialty stores that are focussed on the higher end of the interiors market.

I’m not claiming that we have everything just right, and we certainly have a lot of work to do yet, but we have chosen an audience and are actively working to persuade our chosen customers to spend a little cash on lovely New Zealand wool.

And that is the key.  We are not trying to turn the whole world onto wool; we have deliberately focussed on building our fan base and exceeding their expectations.

One of our Premier Partners is shown below.. These guys know how to sell wool.


Classic Retail Magic

This week a new retail experience is opening in Harrogate in the UK.  Harrogate is a spa town with an affluent bunch of consumers who are discerning and expect an excellent shopping experience.

The shop is “Classic Floors”, yes a carpet shop no less!  Woohoo I hear you say.   What is so special about yet another carpet shop?

Classic Floors are setting out to enchant their customers and deliver a shopping experience that will set them above the average beige carpet shop.  They will carry superb wool products including the sustainable Laneve wool carpet ranges.

The shop is open and light.  There are carefully selected products on display, each with its own unique appeal.  It will be a hub for interior designers and design-conscious customers  to gravitate to for the very best products and service.  The staff will have expert knowledge of the products they sell and an in-depth understanding of their customers.

Classic Floors have made a statement and made it public on their website..

Classic Floors of Harrogate , was born out of a strong desire to break away from the current perception of small, badly lit, dusty shops with a hodge podge of carpet ranges – interspersed with crumpled sample books.”

This business is going out of its way to be different for the right reasons.  Right when the carpet market is depressed it is making a statement and looking to be remarkable.

Take a peek at their website..

Classic Floors deserves to be a Premier Partner with Wools of New Zealand.  We wish them luck!

Sheep Appeal

Aim to enchant.

Products must appeal to basic human needs.  People want certain things.  Just what those things are will depend on whom you chose to sell to.    The smart innovators work hard on anticipating market trends.  Fashion cycles, sociology, political events and of course economic climate all play a part in influencing what people choose to spend their cash on.  The mass market will always be looking for value and the lowest price.  People like to be warm and comfortable,  they desire soft furnishings and carpets,  always have since they lived in caves.   But the majority of people do not wish to pay a lot and why should they if they don’t understand the product benefits?

*hint – aim at people with money looking for luxury goods and a great experience.

To appeal to the discerning customer where price is less of a concern we must offer a remarkable package of design, integrity and service.  We must aim to enchant our customer.

You can design the ultimate customer experience and enchant your customer.

Pictured: Braunes by Flock – Natural Luxury.  Every Flock carpet uses 100% New Zealand Laneve wool and can be traced to the farm where the sheep are still grazing.

Really work hard on anticipating your customers future needs.  Brainstorm ideas, throw out the ideas that are already out there and focus on the really unique ones.

Get some market research into your ideal customer, or focus on a rising demographic and try to be 1st to the market.  Remember, you must have integrity, point of difference and consistency.

Free Bonus Hint… 20% of western consumers state they are looking for sustainability and will pay a premium for truly remarkable and sustainable products.   New Zealand Wool textiles and carpets tick all the boxes.  Not only is wool sustainable, allergy friendly, insulating and soft.  There are unlimited style options.  It is an incredibly versatile fibre.

Wool is an enchanting fibre, with sheep appeal.   Wools of New Zealand take this amazing fibre and present it to the market within desirable products and in stores that offer brilliance in customer service.

An example.  If a customer purchases a Laneve branded product, they may not expect it but they will receive a certificate that shows them the very farm that their wool was grown on.  Laneve offers full transparency of the value chain as proof of the eco credentials and integrity of the product.  Sure this is a feel good exercise but it turns out people will pay for things that make them feel good!