Wool Reputable

“Integrity trust and transparency are the core values that create long lasting partnerships.” That’s part of a tweet paying tribute to our very valuable relationship we have with the Society of British International Design or SBID.

It was a reply to a quote by Prince William “One thing that I think we all value about New Zealand is the integrity of its institutions”

You cannot under-value integrity, and it is getting more valuable. The interior designers that we are working with are curious about where things come from and who made them. The story of the product is almost as important as form and function.

Trust comes from acting with integrity, consistently over time.   Once word gets out you have a reputation and that leads to new business opportunities.

Earn your reputation by being reputable; build a product with a real story.

There is too much noise!

There is too much noise out there.  By noise I mean more boring, average mediocre stuff.  If it has already been said, it has already been heard.

Marketing buzz words can turn people off but for want of a better one “Media Volatility” is the problem we face in trying to establish a reputation online.  There is just so much noise that it is hard to get heard for more than a few seconds.

The ease of setting up blogs, Facebook profiles and other digital media channels is so easy and so cheap that literally everyone is doing it.  This means it is easy to get your fifteen minutes of fame, but really really hard to get famous.

The only way to keep attention is to offer something that people connect with and want to share.

We need to understand how people think.  We need to offer an experience that either satisfies a basic human need or that creates an entirely new market.

People love a good story. People like honesty, integrity and they love to feel they are learning something new.

People hate being marketed to, but they love to discover new things and when they find something they love they do spread the word.

So we have to be not just good at what we do, but we have to be better than everybody else,  but we also have to be consistent.  Writing this blog has taught me that it’s easy to get a thousand hits, but it’s not easy to get a thousand followers and it’s the followers that are the people you really want to connect with.  Those are the people that care about what you have to say.

What am I trying to say?   In the age of noise, focus on the content.  Make it meaningful, be consistent and the followers will come..

Make a great product that people can connect with, keep up the communication with your customers, focus on the ones that care, and they will buy from you.

Don’t waste time creating noise for people aren’t listening and keep in mind that a Purple Sheep stands out from the flock.

The purple sheep stands out from the flock