Choose Wool

Choose Wool

Purple Sheep goes all out in an 80’s Wham tribute.

This Christmas Choose Wool,  But first enjoy Purple Sheep’s 80’s style Wham tribute to “Last Christmas”

Brick in The Wall

Not just another brick in the wall…


Not just another sheep near the wall.

Wools of New Zealand has been working feverishly hard to connect growers with consumers and its paying off.

We have a bunch of Kiwi wool growers motivated enough to commit their wool into our programme to add value to their wool and present it to consumers around the world who are after products with real integrity.

We have such an amazing story to tell and the timing is absolutely perfect. Right when UK consumers are wondering if their beef burger is actually more related to Mr. Ed we have another major UK lifestyle brand “Crucial Trading” launching 100% New Zealand wool products all traceable back to our growers.

Two Laneve products have been selected for use in the Campaign for Wool’s Somerset house exhibition in London next month!
We just launched Crumbwool, a new underlay made from 100% recycled textile fibre and giving proceeds to the Woodland Trust.
In America we are preparing for our Spring Sale event where we will connect Americans with Authentic New Zealand wool carpets.

The reason to brag is that, well, we are in a position to, feeling positive about the future and excited about all the hard but fun work ahead.
There are always those that will decide not to come on our journey, those who do not share our vision and believe that marketing is wasted effort.  My message to those guys is “watch this space” but I’m not going to dedicate a blog post into explaining why they should join.  I am going to get on with promoting the vast amount of wool that the growers who want to make a difference have already committed.
While the blokes who just don’t get it sit and complain about the state of the industry, I have the privilege of meeting with the heads of the UK’s most important carpet buying groups who all want to work with our growers to promote beautiful carpets.

As for the stalwarts who actually put effort in trying to stop our good work and tell lies. Yes unfortunately even the wool industry has a few people who still think the way to get ahead is by knocking the opposition.  We just ignore them.  If you want to compete try and out-perform us, try and see if you can be as good at us at what we do..  Lets lift the game not focus on politics..  Silly people.. never mind… I digress…

If you are wondering why I called this post “Brick in the wall” partly I just wanted to use the picture, but also Wool can’t be sold as a commodity, another brick in the wall, it has to be marketed professionally as something special.

Lets get on with it!

Sheep Greetings

It’s that time of year so I couldn’t resist…


Ckick on the sheep to begin the animation…

Xmas Sheep and the Snowman

Xmas Sheep and the Snowman


There is too much noise!

There is too much noise out there.  By noise I mean more boring, average mediocre stuff.  If it has already been said, it has already been heard.

Marketing buzz words can turn people off but for want of a better one “Media Volatility” is the problem we face in trying to establish a reputation online.  There is just so much noise that it is hard to get heard for more than a few seconds.

The ease of setting up blogs, Facebook profiles and other digital media channels is so easy and so cheap that literally everyone is doing it.  This means it is easy to get your fifteen minutes of fame, but really really hard to get famous.

The only way to keep attention is to offer something that people connect with and want to share.

We need to understand how people think.  We need to offer an experience that either satisfies a basic human need or that creates an entirely new market.

People love a good story. People like honesty, integrity and they love to feel they are learning something new.

People hate being marketed to, but they love to discover new things and when they find something they love they do spread the word.

So we have to be not just good at what we do, but we have to be better than everybody else,  but we also have to be consistent.  Writing this blog has taught me that it’s easy to get a thousand hits, but it’s not easy to get a thousand followers and it’s the followers that are the people you really want to connect with.  Those are the people that care about what you have to say.

What am I trying to say?   In the age of noise, focus on the content.  Make it meaningful, be consistent and the followers will come..

Make a great product that people can connect with, keep up the communication with your customers, focus on the ones that care, and they will buy from you.

Don’t waste time creating noise for people aren’t listening and keep in mind that a Purple Sheep stands out from the flock.

The purple sheep stands out from the flock

Wool Cycle

Wool is a amazing fibre made by amazing little sheep.

Purple Sheep stars in WOOL CYCLE

Sheep eat grass and turn it into wool. The wool can be turned into textiles which eventually can be turned back into grass. The story has been captured in “Wool Story”, and animated adventure with purple sheep.

Wool really is made from Nitrogen and Sulphur as the story tells, and acts as a slow release fertiliser that also helps the soil retain moisture. The animation shows a plant in wool and soil out growing other plants. This is based on real life experiments that can can read about in my post on “PURE”…

Sit back, turn up your speakers and enjoy…

Purple sheep are metaphors for innovation. The idea comes from Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow which you can find here…


Sheep are Cool

The Purple Sheep

Sheep are remarkable fluffy little creatures that can turn grass into wool!

A slight deviation from my normal content, but I thought I’d show a little sheep animation I made just for fun..

One day I’ll make a full production about purple sheep and sustainable wool textiles.

If you are curious as to why the sheep are purple you can read Purple Sheep and USP’s

Man cannot live by bread alone. He needs sheep!

If you sit alone in a room and try to do something remarkable you fill find it tough going.

People are like sheep. They like to be with other sheep. Sometimes they like to lead and sometimes they like to follow.
One sheep alone is a tasty treat for a hungry wolf. But join a flock and chances are someone else will get eaten.. someone who wasn’t contributing all that much anyway.
You can still be a sheep and stand out from the flock, you just have to be a PURPLE SHEEP

Interact with those around you for maximun productivity.

To know what’s happening in your business you need to spend less time writing emails and more time talking.  Get to the water cooler and find out how business really is.  Don’t start having meetings for meeting sake, but make a serious effort to interact on as many projects as you can.  Make an effort to see the big picture.
Make a serious effort to help those around you see the big picture and to feel good about what they do.  They will work harder,- and smarter, and when you need it they will be there to help you.
When the whole team is motivated and alligned and really understands why, your workplace becomes fun and productive.

Soon enough remarkale things start happening , things that will enchant your customers and make your company the one that is impossible not to do business with.