Sheep Story – The life cycle of wool textiles

Wool textiles and carpets are essentially made from grass.  This short film tells the story of how wool, because it contains nitrogen and sulphur, can be returned to the soil where it is an ideal plant food.  Although told with humor by sheep, the story is real.   Wool carpets are being used now to transform barren land into fertile forestry.

Sit back and enjoy “WOOL STORY”

The complete life cycle story of wool as told by little animated sheep.

Sheep Story was made for fun all shot on an iPhone and edited on an iPad.  Even the music is made using garage band.

The story of New Zealand wool being sustainable is true.  The vast numbers of white sheep in New Zealand means it is available in economic batches and is processed efficiently.  Sheep eat grass and grow a new fleece of wool every year.  The wool is a carbon sink, and also contains trace elements that are essential for healthy soil.  Real life experiments have proven that recycled wool significantly increases plant growth..

Purple sheep are rare, and special.  The purple sheep are the innovative ones…  I hope you enjoy the film…

Purple Sheep stars in SHEEP STORY

Wool Cycle

Wool is a amazing fibre made by amazing little sheep.

Purple Sheep stars in WOOL CYCLE

Sheep eat grass and turn it into wool. The wool can be turned into textiles which eventually can be turned back into grass. The story has been captured in “Wool Story”, and animated adventure with purple sheep.

Wool really is made from Nitrogen and Sulphur as the story tells, and acts as a slow release fertiliser that also helps the soil retain moisture. The animation shows a plant in wool and soil out growing other plants. This is based on real life experiments that can can read about in my post on “PURE”…

Sit back, turn up your speakers and enjoy…

Purple sheep are metaphors for innovation. The idea comes from Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow which you can find here…


Sheep are Cool

The Purple Sheep

Sheep are remarkable fluffy little creatures that can turn grass into wool!

A slight deviation from my normal content, but I thought I’d show a little sheep animation I made just for fun..

One day I’ll make a full production about purple sheep and sustainable wool textiles.

If you are curious as to why the sheep are purple you can read Purple Sheep and USP’s