I have just recently discovered homify, an on-line image gallery which is free to browse and free to upload interiors images to, providing the quality is good.

“Andrew” called our office to say he had spotted our Laneve Style Gallery and thought our images were great, would be consider uploading them to homify.   Once we moved past the fact that Andrew was Australian we thought OK so we did..

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We love being able to promote brilliant, quality carpets made from wool that we produced.

Screenshot from WNZ's homily page

Screenshot from WNZ’s homify page

Share the carpet love

Wool is brilliant stuff.  The smart people got together and agreed that wool is the future of everything that’s cool sophisticated and trendy.

Unfortunately lots of people missed this get together and are still not buying wool carpets for their homes.

I don’t think they purposely intend to neglect the health of their loved ones by making them walk on slippery dangerous wood floors or by letting them inhale dust that is floating about.  Possibly the static shocks from synthetic fibres are just considered a fact of life, part of the price you pay to live on a plastic sheet of fake.

If you have a friend or family member that you care for please be kind and tell them they need to install a warm, soft and life enriching wool carpet.

If they purchase a Wools of New Zealand brand carpet they will get..

Cleaner air in their home

A warmer home

Lower heating bills

Fewer accidents and slips

A much quieter home

A cleaner planet, with more trees, more dolphins and happier people (click here)

the knowledge that they did their bit to buy an ethical and environmentally friendly product.

Show some carpet love and buy a New Zealand wool carpet.  Please. 🙂


Share some wool carpet love

Natural’s Not Enough

Natural Isn’t Enough

I come from a land where there are many more sheep than people;   a land untouched by Europeans until only 150 years ago.   As you can imagine when I left New Zealand seven years ago as a carpet designer I had spent my life working and living with natural fibres like wool.  I designed and exported beautiful wool carpets all over the world.   When you do something well it gets noticed so I was then asked to come to the UK to show the rest of the world how to create a business around excellence in wool product development.

The UK like New Zealand has a long history with wool, cotton and other natural fibres.  It was textile manufacturing that sparked the industrial revolution in Manchester which shaped the world as we know it.

For centuries man has been using wool to warm his cave and shelter his family.  The benefits of natural fibres were pretty obvious.

Roll on to 2013 and we live in a world where 97% of Americans are living on synthetic materials made from oil.  Today only 30% of Brits are living with wool and even in New Zealand, I am ashamed to say, people are choosing plastic based carpet with a small amount of recycled content and think they are saving the planet!

So it is blatantly clear.  Being Natural is No Longer Enough.

Wool carpets need to be acknowledged as a lifestyle choice that will have a positive impact on the health and comfort of our families.

Wool carpets remain the very best thing you can put in your home to create a warm and safe environment.  Wool absorbs indoor air contaminants like formaldehyde and locks it away for up to thirty years.  Wool carpets trap dust and keep it out of the breathing zone.  Wool carpets with a good underlay absorb shock and assist with posture, as well as being anti-slip.   Walk across a hard floor and then a wool carpet and hear the difference, or rather don’t hear it.

It seems that in focussing on colour and style, which of course wool offers more options for than any other material, we have lost sight of what really matters.  The comfort and wellbeing of human beings and the future of our planet.

Wool is of course the ultimate eco-warrior fibre.  Sheep in New Zealand grow a new fleece every year.   Wool is 50% carbon which means that it’s a carbon sink locking C0² away from the ozone layer.  New Zealand wool is the purest and most ecological of all and is only grown on free range farms under strict animal welfare, environmental and social standards.

Through the Wool for a Better World program.  At Wools of New Zealand we support the Heiffer foundation through the sale of wool carpets, we support the endangered Hector’s dolphin through the sale of wool fabrics and we support the Woodland trust in the UK through the sale of our recycled underlay.   On top of being brilliant at designing stuff, giving back to the environment through these activities and just being really nice people perhaps it is time to get active and shout louder,  perhaps it time we start a war on oil instead of a war for oil?

Let’s get reminding people of the many technical benefits of wool and try to stop this mad obsession with oil based plastic carpets and noisy hard floors.

New Zealand wool factory

Wool growing in New Zealand

Flooring Show Market Intelligence and the Truth.

Flooring Show, Market Intelligence and the Truth.

This week I spent two days manning (or is that personing these days?) a small stand at a Flooring show.  This was the UK’s National Buying Group show, an invite only event for carpet showrooms that belong to one of the major buying groups.

We used the opportunity of the show to speak to the people who ultimately sell our wool, the retailers.   We showcased our new consumer website, laneve.co.uk and illustrated how we are using new media to educate consumers about the benefits of New Zealand wool and direct them into one of our Premier Partner retail members own stores.

The business people we spoke to were inspired and excited to keep promoting a product with real integrity.  It is clear that we have a sustainable natural product that is warm and comfortable, asthma and allergy friendly and a genuine lifestyle opportunity.

Attending this show was invaluable to me as a marketer and as an innovator.   Getting raw feedback from the people who live and breathe selling wool carpet everyday is brilliant.  It is only by getting this direct market feedback that we can continually adapt and enhance what we do and how we do it.

It also gives us insights into what those naughty plastic flooring maniacs are up to..   Our product wool, remains natural, renewable and the only lifestyle flooring choice that actually improves the air in your home.   Regardless of the truth hard flooring promoters continue to defame carpet as bad for Asthma.   Eventually they will trip themselves up as we have the science to prove them wrong.

Getting to this show enabled me to remind a handful of wool sellers about a few of the technical and ethical benefits of lovely Kiwi wool.   I’m looking forward to the next opportunity.  Hope you are too.

Biscayne Stripe

Wool Acoustic

You can create quieter more comfortable environments using wool.

Wool carpets dampen noise and reduce sound transmissions between floors and rooms.

Wool carpet improves room acoustics in that it acts as a sound absorber and also dampens any impact noise in a room.  In contrast hard flooring surfaces actually generate more noise from impacts like footprints and act as a sound reflector which intensifies the level of noise is a room.

Wool Carpet Reduces Airborne Sound

Sound is transmitted by the vibration of air molecules.  The fuzzy porous structure of wool carpets and soft furnishings means that sound waves can penetrate into the pile rather than being reflected back into the room.  Wool carpets are extremely effective sound absorbers because the individual fibres, tufts and the underlay have different resonant frequencies at which they absorb sound.  So wool carpet with its many different characteristics of fibre length diameter and crimp is more effective than synthetic carpets (made from non-renewable and highly flammable oil).

wool close up
Wool carpets and textiles reduce surface noise

Surface noise refers to impacts from footsteps, dropped objects and furniture movement.  Tiled floors produce 7 to 12 times more surface noise than wool carpets which cushion the impact of the noise source, absorbing the sound.  Carpet reduces impact noise by over 20dB.

Wool carpets reduce noise transmission.

Wool carpets reduce noise transmission through the floor in multi story buildings.   Because of wool fibres natural ability to absorb a wide range of frequencies wool carpets, and especially ones on sustainable wool underlay,  provide superior sound insulation for those below.

It’s time to cover up those noisy and slippery hard floors with some soft, warm, comfortable and quite wool carpets.





How deep should sustainably produced carpets go? Much deeper than the pile.

Selecting something natural is a great first step on your mission to creating a green eco-interior, but knowing where the materials were grown, how they were cultivated, who got paid, what milk got spilled along the way should also enter the equation.

Laneve textiles tick all the boxes, and we can prove it… here
But what’s underneath the carpet?  You shouldn’t pick a green carpet and sweep the rest of the sustainability issues “under the carpet”.
What happens to the waste from factories that produce wool carpet?  If it’s a responsible producer they send it to a recycling facility like Anglo Recycling in the UK.  Anglo are taking the off-cuts from British wool carpet producers of New Zealand wool carpets and combining it with rubber crumb (also completely recycled from tyres) to create an excellent carpet underlay, CRUMBWOOL.

So Laneve customers can enjoy a total environmentally friendly and socially responsible product. This does not mean compromising on quality or performance.
Don’t forget wool has incredible insulation properties and won’t burn. This stuff is so good that it has just been installed in the New Zealand high commission in London, underneath a Laneve carpet by Flock – Natural Living.
Not only do the ministers, diplomats and dignitaries who enter the penthouse suite get an amazing visual experience, they also get a soft and quiet environment that has not compromised the environment.
Wait! It gets even better… Wools of New Zealand want to promote Crumbwool underlay as a responsible choice to enhance the experience of a Laneve carpet and to grow awareness of our brand. We have decided to give proceeds from the sale of Crumbwool to the Woodland Trust as part of our Wool For A Better World Programme.

crumbwool underlay

Crumbwool and Flock being installed at NZ House – Photo by Darren Keane


Busy – Woolly woolly busy!

It has been weeks since my last post!  Whoops!!  It seems I got busy and distracted on other things.  January is a frantic time in the wool industry, the cold weather in the northern hemisphere reminds people that soft furnishings and wool carpets are perfect for comfort and warmth so we all get busy fighting for attention in the ever diminishing retail space and ever more crowded digital space.

But also it’s Domotex time.  Domotex is the worlds largest flooring event held in Hannover each year.  For us wool people this is a four day opportunity to engage with the decision makers of the global carpet industry and to remind them why they need lovely New Zealand wool in their spinning mills, carpet factories and products.

Busy too putting some updates into our UK consumer website..  www.wools-nz.co.uk

It is only January and already 2013 is shaping up to be very, well, busy.    The increasing demand on limited resources makes being busy a very easy thing to do, but busy doing what.

One word becomes increasingly important as we start frantically juggling projects and opportunities – FOCUS.

Setting priorities and focussing on the customer experience has become critical.  All the many projects going on in the wool-sphere now only get priority if they demonstrate a clear commercial return.

Any noob can build a website – How do we make a site that is clear, precise and educates in order to build sales?

Any needle punch plant can make felt – How do you make carpet underlay that enhances the experience of the interior, diverts carpet offcuts from landfill, rescues old tyres and saves native woodland like Crumbwool?

Any farmer can grow wool,  how do we get superior quality wool that is grown with a very specific end use and customer in mind promoted in the UK’s most exclusive independent retailers?

Well actually all that stuff is happening now, but we have just gotten started building the ultimate wool experience.  This year is going to focussed and BUSY.

Below is Laneve wool on display at Domotex,  underneath is sustainable Crumbwool underlay and via the mural visitors could even experience the origin of the world’s must beautiful and natural textile fibre..


Biscayne by Crucial Trading with Crumbwool underneath.