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Remember Crumbwool?

Crumbwool is a carpet underlay which is the result of a partnership between Wools of New Zealand and Anglo Recycling.   It’s made from 100% recycled content,  Wool carpet off-cuts and discarded car tyres.   The proceeds go towards the Woodland Trust.

Its a nice story that underpins the integrity of the world’s most sustainable wool (Laneve)

Actually that’s a bit modest,  Creating Crumbwool meant developing a dedicated machine and some quite remarkable logistics and industry arm twisting.  Anglo Recycling worked a minor miracle to make this possible.

We built the Crumbwool story for the right reasons.  We did not do this for fame, we did it for integrity and to build value.

Now Crumbwool has been listed by Future Materials magazine in its top 100 innovations!

So we are getting noticed, for the right reasons.  The website is www.crumbwool.com

crumbwool creation

Crumbwool is created

Step in the right direction.

Last week I was lucky enough to be asked to present the Laneve Wool Story at a carpet recycling conference.  These events are great for getting up to speed on what our industry is doing to be a better industry.  It turns out that is quite a lot.

There are a growing number of people and organisations switched on to sustainability and ethical business practice.  This isn’t just small companies trying to find a niche; large multinational organisations sent senior people along to both learn and to inspire others.

After I presented the Laneve wool story, explaining that we have an ethical and environmentally sound product which is completely renewable, I went on to show what we are doing to address the end-of-life issues associated with carpets.

This is of course includes the Crumbwool story, which uses post-industrial carpet off-cuts and used car tyres to manufacture a high-performance and high-quality carpet underlay.

After I had finished presenting one of my fellow presenters challenged me on the use of rubber for the backing.   I was not aware that rubber was in the Dog House with environmentalists?

*Note to self – Learn about social and environmental impacts of rubber…

I argued that we are presenting a solution that diverts carpet and tyres from landfill.  We make something useful that improves people’s well-being and comfort while at the same time helping to motivate our industry towards cleaning up its act.  We also provide funds to the Woodland Trust through this activity and save trees.

The other option is to do nothing, let the landfills overflow and stop planting trees.

We are not claiming to have stopped global warming and to have brought dodos back from extinction but we are doing something.

I think it’s better to take a step in the right direction, If people need underlay let’s provide a sustainable option.  This only solves part of the problem of the mountains of post-consumer carpets we need to find a home for but it is only by taking the 1st step that we can reach our final destination.

Steps are much bouncier with a nice wool carpet under your feet.


Which tree didn’t you want to save?

Creating Magic

Make your process part of the Story

People want transparency; they want to know what it is made of and who made it. But why?

People want to trust, to feel safe, and to know they got something of value.
Mostly people hate to be ripped off. If you cannot see the value chain, you can’t see the value. How do you trust something that is kept secret from you?

But there is a line. Take Crumbwool underlay. People want to know it is made in the UK from sustainable materials and they help the planet by choosing a sustainable product. But do people really want to see factories? Is it better to keep a little bit of mystique and magic?

We have to remember that a process is just a process; it is not the final product. Products sell when they deliver real benefits to the people that use them. But what if we turn a process into a story?

The wool in Crumbwool gives it sound insulation, heat insulation and it makes it super bouncy. A home with spongy floors that are fire safe and absorb nasty chemicals is part of delivering a customer experience. When your product is invisible as its end up literally under the carpet the message has to be even stronger.

Rather than pictures of a factory, no matter how clean and modern your factory is why not focus on the magic.
I decided to draw a picture of the Crumbwool Creation Process.

The Magical Crumbwool Creation Process

crumbwool creation

Crumbwool is Created

crumbwool tyres

The Amazing Magical Crumbwool Process