Best Domotex Ever

Wools of New Zealand just experienced an amazing Domotex in Hannover, the most successful ever.  Maybe we are doing something right?

As the world moves swiftly from mindless (consumerism) to mindful, regarding what people buy, how we travel and especially what materials we live with, ethics, trust and quality, become critical parts of any product offering.  Organisations that embrace Sustainability and “doing the right thing” will be the ones that survive.

We embraced sustainability over five years ago and developed the Laneve brand to certify wool products that scream integrity.  By ignoring the stalwarts and sticking to our belief we have gradually moved into a position as the leaders in our small industry.

Suddenly we are the “go to” people for building integrity and quality into natural products.  All of a sudden we are inundated with enquiries from brands and organizations that want to secure their own future by partnering with the farmers.

It’s the same story we hear from our friends in the coffee sector.  Existing in the future requires a robust and enduring connection with the people that grow your materials and with the value chain.

It is why we had such a great trade show in Domotex Hannover.

It seems suddenly the market demands, secure supply, stable pricing, full transparency and corporate social responsibility built in.   We have all this stuff as well as slick and on-trend marketing and design..

A few images of our Domotex stand follow..

Martinelli at Domotex

The Martinelli space looked really sharp (as always)

Domotex stand WNZ

The Wools of New Zealand stand at Domotex


Looking through the Flock space into the Wool centre

Immersed in the Laneve iBook

Here is a way to get your story out and get people engaged..

Write and eBook, or in this case an iBook.  They are free to make and distribute so why wouldn’t you?

Getting found in the massively over-crowded iTunes store might not be the best distribution method, so I have made a webpage and put it there in both iBook and pdf format.

If you have some time to be immersed  in the story of sustainable wool and stunning interior design then grab for favourite reading gadget and get going..  And as always WoolBlog readers get the BETA version so please do report bugs and make suggestions via this blog.

go to or click the cover..


The Laneve iBook

Click to download the Laneve iBook

The Woolly Value Chain

The Laneve wool carpet in this picture has an amazing story. It is the result of a team of people all working to deliver an outstanding experience for the customer.

Akaroa by Brockway Carpets of Kidderminster

It all starts with a deep understanding of trends and what carpet buyers are looking for. Value chains, as opposed to supply chains, are always customer-led. Having identified a customer and designed their ideal product the materials can be assembled to fit the purpose.
Farmers have grown the wool in this carpet especially for the final product. The wool growers in New Zealand have nurtured the seep and prepared the wool to meet strict guidelines on sustainability set by Wools of New Zealand. The right type of wool is grown to suit the end use of the product, which drives efficiency and ensures high-quality.
The wool is cleaned (scoured) and shipped to Europe where it spun by Danish company Danspin who have been selected to be part of the Laneve programme as a world class yarn spinner of the highest quality and integrity.
Danspin then send the Laneve yarn to Kidderminster in the United Kingdom where Brockway Carpets tuft it into a beautiful twist pile carpet. Brockway laminate the carpet with eco-friendly materials and ensure any waste is recycled. Lesser manufacturers might send off cuts to landfill!
The carpet is then sold by specialist retailers called Premier Partners which are all committed to providing excellence in customer service, and high-quality sustainable wool interior textiles.
Finally the customer receives a certificate from Wools of New Zealand which enables her to view the farm via the internet where the wool in her carpet was grown. This is a simple customer driven value chain with benefits that can be clearly illustrated to the customer. Every step of the chain adds value and is fully transparent.
A Laneve carpet is sold on colour, style, innovation and as the ultimate ethical choice. Laneve products are not caught up in price battles or commodity downward spirals…

These are the sheep that grew the wool for Akaroa.