Care Statement

According to over 50% of global consumers are willing to pay more for socially responsible products.

This varies according to markets demographics, with European consumers being more skeptical than Asian consumers.  But the numbers are staggering.  People really do care about the integrity and the impact of what they purchase, at least half of them do anyway.

As with everything it’s about building trust.  People love brands that they trust and they will show loyalty and forgiveness.  Brands that consistently deliver a feel good experience will win every time.

Buying natural products supports rural farming communities, buying synthetic products supports the oil industry.  Maybe if people thought about this they would use more wool?

What we have to do is pull heart-strings.  It’s our job to build trust and to deliver integrity.  With real stories that resonate with the half of consumers who care.

Perhaps we need to stop making sustainability statements on corporate websites? No one cares what your carbon footprint is, that was last centuries obsession.  Make a care statement instead, but make it real.

More information on the Sustainable Brands survey is here

Gratuitous Heartstring Picture.

Gratuitous Heart-string Picture.

Turning Customers Into Clients

Turning customers into clients.

According to Seth Godin..

“Customers hear you say, “here, I made this,” and they buy or they don’t buy.

Clients say to you, “I need this,” and if you want to get paid, you make it.” 

The purple sheep, which stands on the masthead of this blog, is a nod to innovation and to niche marketing.  Making things appeal to one customer as opposed to being beige and trying to appeal to the masses means breaking out of the commodity price driven market and into markets where people value, and pay for things that are special.  Being purple means getting noticed and ultimately getting paid.

What better way to get noticed than tailoring your offering to one specific customer?   A close relationship with your client allows you to better understand their needs and to move fast to make them feel special.  One customer that loves what you do is better than two customers asking for a discount.

purple sheep woods

Purple Sheep in the woods.

*Seth Godin wrote a book called Purple Cow, which uses Purple as a symbol for Innovation – The purple sheep is a tribute to the genius of Seth’s book which beautifully explains why excellence in product design and customer experience are so important in modern marketing.

The Style Gallery

As always we have to make it easy for people to fall in love with our products.
Today we have launched the Style Gallery to showcase the very best products that are created with the very best wool.

The Gallery includes products by Crucial Trading who are the latest brand to come on board with Laneve.

It’s a visual experience so the least said the better…

Just take a look at THE STYLE GALLERY

Crucial Trading Laneve

Kyoto in Laneve Wool by Crucial Trading


Its Emerald year, At least it is according to Pantone.

Emerald Pantone

Colour of 2013

Thanks to 17-5641 “Emerald” 2013  is going to be amazing so long as we all replace our carpets, paint our walls and dye our hair Emerald.

Sarcasm aside, there is something in creating your own sell fulfilled trends.

Pantone’s mission is to set themselves up as the authority on colour in order to give themselves credibility as a colour reference system.  You have to admit it, it’s working.

If you make a statement, tell enough people and back it up with some convincing rhetoric people believe it.  I spent a decade as a carpet designer, so my job at that time was to get in front of international design trends and to predict the next big thing.  This sounds daunting but what I learnt was that we the designers, product designers, policy designers, no matter what experience we create we are all designers..  We designers do not follow the trends we create them.

2013 is Emerald year because Pantone said so.    Now there are Pinterest boards, blog posts, key rings and everything cashing in on the rush to be seen as up with the trend.

What year shall we make it next year?   2014 Purple Wool Year!

Or maybe we should all get making Pinterest Boards like this.

Emerald Interior

Lovely Emerald Room

Immersed in the Laneve iBook

Here is a way to get your story out and get people engaged..

Write and eBook, or in this case an iBook.  They are free to make and distribute so why wouldn’t you?

Getting found in the massively over-crowded iTunes store might not be the best distribution method, so I have made a webpage and put it there in both iBook and pdf format.

If you have some time to be immersed  in the story of sustainable wool and stunning interior design then grab for favourite reading gadget and get going..  And as always WoolBlog readers get the BETA version so please do report bugs and make suggestions via this blog.

go to or click the cover..


The Laneve iBook

Click to download the Laneve iBook

Staying On Track

There have been mixed reactions to the little purple sheep that pops up around WoolBlog.

Staying true to Niche Marketing “Purple Philosophy” That’s a good thing.

Pleasing all the people all the time is an impossible task and one that leads to beige boring mediocre stuff.

Being a little quirky will win fans from people who appreciate quirky.

Fans like Hoopers Floor-coverings by Sunniva.

If you are in Royal Tunbridge Wells go and see how customer service and high quality natural floor-covering are sold to customers who keep coming back.

Sunniva  like the Purple Sheep so much they asked to use it as a motif on the rally car they are sponsoring..

I guess they like the humour, but more than that they want to be different, to stand out, and to stay on track.   Andrew Mollison will be driving at Rockingham this weekend.

Purple sheep just got a lot faster…  Baaa! Vroom!

Purple Sheep Rally car

Purple Sheep on Wheels

Brick in The Wall

Not just another brick in the wall…


Not just another sheep near the wall.

Wools of New Zealand has been working feverishly hard to connect growers with consumers and its paying off.

We have a bunch of Kiwi wool growers motivated enough to commit their wool into our programme to add value to their wool and present it to consumers around the world who are after products with real integrity.

We have such an amazing story to tell and the timing is absolutely perfect. Right when UK consumers are wondering if their beef burger is actually more related to Mr. Ed we have another major UK lifestyle brand “Crucial Trading” launching 100% New Zealand wool products all traceable back to our growers.

Two Laneve products have been selected for use in the Campaign for Wool’s Somerset house exhibition in London next month!
We just launched Crumbwool, a new underlay made from 100% recycled textile fibre and giving proceeds to the Woodland Trust.
In America we are preparing for our Spring Sale event where we will connect Americans with Authentic New Zealand wool carpets.

The reason to brag is that, well, we are in a position to, feeling positive about the future and excited about all the hard but fun work ahead.
There are always those that will decide not to come on our journey, those who do not share our vision and believe that marketing is wasted effort.  My message to those guys is “watch this space” but I’m not going to dedicate a blog post into explaining why they should join.  I am going to get on with promoting the vast amount of wool that the growers who want to make a difference have already committed.
While the blokes who just don’t get it sit and complain about the state of the industry, I have the privilege of meeting with the heads of the UK’s most important carpet buying groups who all want to work with our growers to promote beautiful carpets.

As for the stalwarts who actually put effort in trying to stop our good work and tell lies. Yes unfortunately even the wool industry has a few people who still think the way to get ahead is by knocking the opposition.  We just ignore them.  If you want to compete try and out-perform us, try and see if you can be as good at us at what we do..  Lets lift the game not focus on politics..  Silly people.. never mind… I digress…

If you are wondering why I called this post “Brick in the wall” partly I just wanted to use the picture, but also Wool can’t be sold as a commodity, another brick in the wall, it has to be marketed professionally as something special.

Lets get on with it!