Wool creates the ideal habitat for homes and offices.

There are so many reasons why New Zealand wool is the perfect material for humans to live with.  Here are a few of the top reasons why wool offers a superior experience than any other finer, natural or man-made.

QUIET & COMFORTABLE – Wool textiles absorb noise and create warmth making your home or office the perfect place for relaxation, concentration and play.  Wool fibres come is a vast array of microns and crimps meaning it absorbs a higher range of frequncies than other flooring materials.

SAFE & ALLERGY SAFE – Wool carpets act as a natural air filter, trapping allergens such as dust and pollen and keeping them out of the breathing zone.  Wool is great for asthmatics as it cannot be digested by dust mites, the main cause of asthma and actually reduced humidity with a room.

CLEAN AIR – Wool absorbs indoor contaminants and purifies the air of harmful gases locking them away for up to 30 years.

OUTSTANDING QUALITY – Wool carpets are renowned for long-lasting good looks and have many inherent qualities that assure performance is locked in. A wool fibre can be bent 20,000 times and bounce-back to its natural shape meaning carpets will look great for years and years.

NATURAL – Wool is rapidly renewable, with each sheep growing a new fleece every year. Wool is biodegradable and full of essential nutrients that plants love. Wool carpets can be returned to nature or recycled into new products.

SUSTAINABLE – Wool is the only widely available carpet fiber not made from oil.

Our wool, Wools of New Zealand wool is a sustainable material which is completely renewable, biodegradable and responsibly grown by farmers who care.  We take special care of the land, the animals and the people so we can keep growing wool for another few thousand years.

Notice below how the most elegant interiors rely on a carpet for quiet and comfortable spaces.


wool floors are quiet

Chateauesque Jewel, an entry in the SBID design awards 2015 by Regina Sturrock Design Inc. 

SBID International Design Awards

Wools of New Zealand are sponsoring the “Intelligent Design” category of the Society of British Interior Design’s International Design Awards.

Wools of New Zealand is sponsoring the Awards as part of a wider campaign to place sustainably produced Laneve™ wool textiles in front of influential interior designers.

The Intelligent Design category is pure interior design.  It invites entries that create a solution to a design problem through innovative thinking.  This category is specifically for contract projects that have delivered the best design solutions to meet the client’s brief for the budget available.

The SBID International Design Awards has firmly established itself as one of the most prestigious and enjoyable events in the design industry calendar.
The awards serve to recognise, reward and celebrate design excellence across a broad range of categories.

Winning a SBID International Design Award is a high achievement as they are voted for exclusively by leading industry experts both for technical content and aesthetic creativity using two tiers of judging processes.

The Awards will be judged by international industry leaders; among them is Theo Williams, Head of Design at John Lewis; Matthew Carlisle, Creative Director at Candy & Candy; Azhar Azhar, Director of Conran + Partners and David Lewis, Managing Director of Sunseeker London.

Laneve™ is a premium brand from Wools of New Zealand. Laneve carpets and textiles are manufactured to strict quality and environmental standards by licensed partners.  The Laneve integrity programme not only gives assurance of product traceability to identifiable farmers, but also the confidence of responsibly sourced materials.

Wools of New Zealand select partners for the Laneve programme who are committed to providing excellence in style and sustainability.  All Laneve™ products are made from 100% Laneve wool, sustainably produced and traceable right back to individual farms on the lush, rolling pastures of New Zealand.

Lavinia Engleman, SBID’s Marketing Manager says “We are really pleased that Wools of New Zealand has recognised the opportunity bought by the Society of British Interior Design and the International Design Awards to promote its Laneve brand to an international audience who are hungry for innovative and sustainable interiors.  SBID has worked with Wools of New Zealand before and we know they bring real integrity along with a portfolio of sustainable products that will be of interest to our members.”

The SBID International Design Awards ceremony will be held in London on November 29th.

bbc manchester

Laneve Wool within Camira Fabrics “Blazer” creating an impcat in the new BBC Media City
– Photo courtesy Camira Fabrics –