Wool For Your Bottom

Bit of a soap box rant – but I’m on the defensive.

A concerned colleague of mine recently brought it to my attention that vinyl producers are claiming that their synthetic plastic material (Poly Vinyl Chloride) is more eco-friendly than our wool!!

The study of wool vs. vinyl for public transport claims that wool is smelly, harbors germs and wears out when used in high traffic areas like trains and buses.  It’s no surprise that the study references its own organization for its data, and does not back up any of its claims on sustainability.

However this is a warning shot.  The synthetic guys cannot compete on comfort, on naturalness, on end-of-life solutions or on the pure feel good factor of wool,  so they tend to green-wash, and they are very convincing.

As more people wake up and smell the lanolin we will see more attacks on wool.

Don’t be fooled by false claims.

The study forgets to mention the carcinogenic dioxins produced in the creation of PVC.   It states that the manufacturer has a mission to become sustainable and that they plan to put an end-of –life solution on place.  This translates to; we are not sustainable yet and we still don’t know what to do with the toxic plastic when the seats on the train get torn.

Try sitting on wool on a hot day, then try sitting on vinyl that has been in the sun.

sheep train

More Wool on Trains

4 thoughts on “Wool For Your Bottom

  1. Waht are they trying to do? Pull the wool over passengers’ eyes? (Pun intended)
    Many companies “green wash” so much, they believe themselves. It seems to be the in-thing, “Go Green”, even if just in statement and not in deed.

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