New Zealand Road Trip

Our mantra to the market is all about “knowing where the wool comes from” Why?  If you don’t know who made it and where, how can you measure quality, value, sustainability, ethics, etc..?   But more importantly its about communication and trust.

We maintain that by connecting farmers and brands we are able to supply better fibre that is made for the job at hand.    It has to go both ways, as well as talking to the market we have to report market opportunities and trends back to the woolgrowers.

With all this in mind I am really excited to have been asked to travel to New Zealand to bridge the 14,000-mile gab between our growers and our customers.  Ill be speaking alongside our Chairman and CEO about the amazing opportunities that are there for the taking with our wool.

We will be getting to 17 rural communities in 9 days to talk to the people who grow the best wool in the world.   We aim to inspire more farmers to join us.  We hope to install confidence to our current growers and we hope to learn a lot along the way.

If you are in New Zealand and you have a few sheep, grab a few friends and come along.  We kick off in Wellsford on September 23rd.  There full schedule is here

For those of you who are not sheep farmers – why not – just look at these cute fuzzy little sheep!

Kiwi Farmer with Lambs

Kiwi Farmer Andrew Freeman – Courtesy Beef & Lamb NZ.

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