Conformity is an Industrial Disease

Innovate or Die (of industrial disease)

We all have the choice to make something special.  We can choose to make things Purple or make things beige.

Standing still, watching your competitors win and slowly moving from the heart of the industrial revolution into oblivion is a choice.   Samuel Pepys once wrote “Conformity is a social disease” As a textile designer I have to agree, as an innovator I would say…

  “Conformity is an industrial disease”

“It is better to be more wise and not be catched” To complete Pepys’ quote.

Keep making beige, me too, products and compete in the ever decreasing spiral of lower prices and lower profits..  Or break out of the commodity cycle with added value innovative “purple” products and services.

How to win and stay alive..

Understand Future Costumers

Deliver Outstanding Customer Experience


samuel pepys

Samuel Pepys with his purple scarf.

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