Jeff Farm

This is Jeff Farm in New Zealand’s deep south.

Laneve farm

Young Kiwi farmers learning the ropes

This is rich, fertile farmland ideally suited to raising the very highest quality Laneve wool. The farm runs 12,000 breeding ewes and considered one of the best Romney breed flocks in New Zealand.

Jeff Farm is managed by John Chittock for The Salvation Army Trust Board, and is a unique farming enterprise.  Edmund Jeff first farmed this property before World War 2 and subsequently gifted it to The Salvation Army on the provision that it would be used to train young people for a career in the New Zealand agricultural industry.

Ulster Carpets use Laneve wool grown on Jeff farm for some of their carpet ranges.  In doing so Ulster are secured of a reliable and consistent supply of the very best sustainably produced fibre and they are doing their bit to ensure future generations are trained to keep growing wool well into the future.

Ulster Jeff Farm

Click this image to see Ulster’s Laneve Trace Profile

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