Turning Customers Into Clients

Turning customers into clients.

According to Seth Godin..

“Customers hear you say, “here, I made this,” and they buy or they don’t buy.

Clients say to you, “I need this,” and if you want to get paid, you make it.” 

The purple sheep, which stands on the masthead of this blog, is a nod to innovation and to niche marketing.  Making things appeal to one customer as opposed to being beige and trying to appeal to the masses means breaking out of the commodity price driven market and into markets where people value, and pay for things that are special.  Being purple means getting noticed and ultimately getting paid.

What better way to get noticed than tailoring your offering to one specific customer?   A close relationship with your client allows you to better understand their needs and to move fast to make them feel special.  One customer that loves what you do is better than two customers asking for a discount.

purple sheep woods

Purple Sheep in the woods.

*Seth Godin wrote a book called Purple Cow, which uses Purple as a symbol for Innovation – The purple sheep is a tribute to the genius of Seth’s book which beautifully explains why excellence in product design and customer experience are so important in modern marketing.

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