Bio Wool – A new era of innovation

Up-cycling is the new recycling.   Rather than focusing on ways to hide waste from manufacturing why not reduce waste altogether.  But when that is not possible up-cycle the left-over’s from manufacturing into value-added new materials and products.

Daniel McLaughlin, a New Zealander studying at the Royal College of Arts in the UK came to visit us to show us his development with wool.   We could see the potential for hundreds of applications for Daniel’s work and offered to assist with sourcing re-claimed fibre from the textile industry.

From our work on Crumbwool we knew that Anglo Recycling were already rescuing wool fibres and creating needle punched materials.  Daniel took this material and created Biowool, which he has crafted into a suitcase as an early prototype.

biowool suitcase

The BioWool Suitcase

By combining wool with bio-resins Daniel has created a substrate that is incredibly strong, completely renewable and at the end of its life biodegradable.

The best part for me is that this is the beginning of a whole new era for innovation with wool.  By moving into new product categories where there are no preconceived ideas about how wool is used and what it’s value might be, we can start imagining the customer experience and design far more exciting products.

The textile industry is full of people that think they know all about how to process wool.  Daniel does not know all these rules so his vision is not constrained by the status-quo.

Biowool suitcase

Daniel’s Biowool suitcase has even been noticed as an amazing new material by gadget magazine Stuff.  Follow this link

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