Time for a Neue Look

I have been thinking about updating the look of this blog for some time. Some feedback suggested the text could be larger and just generally easier to read.

Then apple popped out a new iOS 7 operating system and that was the push I needed. Apple has a history of excellence in user experience, and in design leadership. They are not always first but they are usually very good at what they do.

So as the Wool Blog is focussed on promoting a better user experience with a woolly bias here is the new look.

Clearly purple has to be here, Purple sheep stand out from the flock after all. The font is Helvetica Neue Ultra Light, as it’s a clean fresh minimalist style that is in keeping with current trends but also as its attractive and easy to read.

But it’s fairly obvious that the look has changed. So what? The reason for change is the point. Change brings fresh thinking, new ideas and new business. Always remember to take a step back and make sure what you are doing it is what matters in relation to why you are doing it and who you are doing it for.

purple sheep and iOS 7

Purple Sheep considers an upgrade

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