Wool Acoustic

You can create quieter more comfortable environments using wool.

Wool carpets dampen noise and reduce sound transmissions between floors and rooms.

Wool carpet improves room acoustics in that it acts as a sound absorber and also dampens any impact noise in a room.  In contrast hard flooring surfaces actually generate more noise from impacts like footprints and act as a sound reflector which intensifies the level of noise is a room.

Wool Carpet Reduces Airborne Sound

Sound is transmitted by the vibration of air molecules.  The fuzzy porous structure of wool carpets and soft furnishings means that sound waves can penetrate into the pile rather than being reflected back into the room.  Wool carpets are extremely effective sound absorbers because the individual fibres, tufts and the underlay have different resonant frequencies at which they absorb sound.  So wool carpet with its many different characteristics of fibre length diameter and crimp is more effective than synthetic carpets (made from non-renewable and highly flammable oil).

wool close up
Wool carpets and textiles reduce surface noise

Surface noise refers to impacts from footsteps, dropped objects and furniture movement.  Tiled floors produce 7 to 12 times more surface noise than wool carpets which cushion the impact of the noise source, absorbing the sound.  Carpet reduces impact noise by over 20dB.

Wool carpets reduce noise transmission.

Wool carpets reduce noise transmission through the floor in multi story buildings.   Because of wool fibres natural ability to absorb a wide range of frequencies wool carpets, and especially ones on sustainable wool underlay,  provide superior sound insulation for those below.

It’s time to cover up those noisy and slippery hard floors with some soft, warm, comfortable and quite wool carpets.



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