Staying On Track

There have been mixed reactions to the little purple sheep that pops up around WoolBlog.

Staying true to Niche Marketing “Purple Philosophy” That’s a good thing.

Pleasing all the people all the time is an impossible task and one that leads to beige boring mediocre stuff.

Being a little quirky will win fans from people who appreciate quirky.

Fans like Hoopers Floor-coverings by Sunniva.

If you are in Royal Tunbridge Wells go and see how customer service and high quality natural floor-covering are sold to customers who keep coming back.

Sunniva  like the Purple Sheep so much they asked to use it as a motif on the rally car they are sponsoring..

I guess they like the humour, but more than that they want to be different, to stand out, and to stay on track.   Andrew Mollison will be driving at Rockingham this weekend.

Purple sheep just got a lot faster…  Baaa! Vroom!

Purple Sheep Rally car

Purple Sheep on Wheels

2 thoughts on “Staying On Track

  1. I couldn’t agree more-great post Steve-We use Shirley the Sheep to help as our mascott, I think we should use some color to help her image!

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