Lambs and Dolphins


I normally only blog once per week – but I just had to get this one out there…

British company Camira use our Laneve lambswool from the rolling pastures of the South Island of New Zealand to make their very popular Blazer fabric. Camira have partnered with Wools of New Zealand and are part of our integrity programme. This not only gives them assurance of product traceability to identifiable farmers, but also the confidence of responsible farming which protects the delicate eco-system and supports the endangered Hector’s Dolphin.

Dan Ojari, award-winning Royal College of Arts graduate, has produced a new stop-motion animation entitled Lambs and Dolphins that visually illustrates how Camira’s Blazer fabric and our Laneve programme help the Hector’s Dolphin as part of our,

Wool for a Better World programme.

Take a moment to enjoy Lambs and Dolphins…

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