Getting to Source.

We like to think that we are pretty decent folk.  We treat our partners fairly, we communicate honestly and we do our bit for the planet and its inhabitants as an organisation.   So we choose to do business with other organisations of a similar culture.

One of our partners, Camira is passionate about sustainability.  It’s in everything they do as a company.  Not just a mission statement in a brochure but really truly a part of their everyday operations.

To pull this off means partnering with suppliers that share their belief in doing things right, not just for the planet but for the people they employ and the people they interact with.

It is really impressive to see people who care this much swing into action.

Camira keeps asking how to reduce their footprint, how to get better at innovation, how to be a better company…   And they keep us on our toes.

Camira in the wool shed (with sheep)

Camira in the wool shed (with sheep)

They care so much about the integrity of their products that they sent their Supply Partner Manager 12,000 miles to visit our farms in New Zealand to explain why Camira must have superior quality wool fibre.

This was a journey not just to see the world’s most sustainable fibre production for themselves,  they also went to teach.   When you share your passion and your vision with your suppliers they buy into your mission.  So we now have farmers that are even more in love with growing wool and a customer that is even more certain that our wool is the ultimate sustainable material.

I hope your customers respect you enough to make this kind of commitment – we are chuffed.

John Quarmby explains why.

John Quarmby explains why.

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