Authenticity – Design Language

Design is not skin deep.

There are companies that create an amazing product and enjoy short term success, much like pop stars that have a one hit wonder, these companies soon get overlooked and blend into the white noise market graveyard.  Then there are companies that consistently turn out winning products again and again.  This is achieved through a consistent and authentic Design Language.

Your “Design Language” is the overarching scheme or style that guides the design of a complement of products and or services.  Or in simpler terms your design language is a deliberate and methodical way of presenting your brand that is consistent and authentic.

Companies that understand the total customer experience and build customer awareness into their business strategy win time and time again.  It is not enough to make a boring product and make a donation to an eco-charity in order to claim sustainability.  Neither can you hire a designer to make your product look prettier to fool people into thinking you have a cool brand.

Building a cool brand takes years of being consistent and authentic about everything you do.  Everything about your company and product and the way you deliver your product must all be consistent with the design language you wish to deliver.

Your customer service, the look of your product, the materials you use, the way you take care of your staff, the way you treat your suppliers, where you put your manufacturing waste, what your business cards are printed on and how you fix things when you  get it wrong all need to be carefully orchestrated and thought out.

Once you decide on your design language and communicate clearly to all of your employees and suppliers and empower theses people to contribute to its evolution you will start making your business one that your customers keep returning to.  You will have an authentic customer experience.

We do this with wool carpets,  We create products of exceptional beauty based on the trends that we see emerging and we deliver sustainably produced wool to the manufactures, who are all signed up to our mission.  We tell the story at retail and on our websites.  Now we are thinking about what goes under the carpet and are working to deliver underlay made from recycled tyres and carpet waste.  Of course we will be printing the brochures and merchandising materials on recycled materials.  But it goes deeper.  We are not selling wool, or even carpets.  We are in the business of delivering an exceptional experience with wool.  That has to include not just what the product is made of but how that product is made and how the customer feels.  We don’t make wool we use wool carpets and textile as the portal to a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.

MID Carpet in New Zealand Wool

MID Carpet in New Zealand Wool

When there is an emotional connection between you and your customer you move from selling a commodity to becoming a much loved brand.

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