Wool Vs Synthetic

We can’t keep up our dependency on oil, I think everybody agrees with that now.  The great news is that we don’t need to use nearly as much oil as we do and still maintain a healthy luxurious lifestyle.   It turns out that non-oil based products are actually better for us anyway.

This info-graphic explains why we should use wool instead of oil to make textiles..

Wool vs Synthetics

Laneve wool from Wools of New Zealand is truly sustainable and turned into beautiful carpets and textiles by the world’s most innovative brands whereas synthetic or man-made carpets come from oil.  Petroleum based products can be recycled using more energy but the oil is non-renewable.

The Wool Story…

Our sheep have an annual haircut which provides the very best, fit-for-purpose fibre grown especially for Laneve carpets and interior textiles.

Laneve wool is grown in New Zealand on Free-range farms naturally producing high quality wool from grass.

Wool is a complex textured fibre with thousands of tiny scales which give it amazing properties.

Wool can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet making your home feel warm and dry.

Wool absorbs indoor air-toxins and locks them away for up to 30 years.

Wool is very hard to ignite and even if you can get it to burn if self extinguishes once the source is removed.   Synthetic materials burn easily, melts into flesh and gives off toxic fumes.

Laneve carpets are made from 100% wool which means the face fibre is completely renewable and recyclable.

We can turn it back into grass and begin the cycle again.  Wool contains sulphur and potassium and biodegrades slowly releasing nutrients and acting as an excellent soil conditioner.  Wool helps the soil retain moisture and speeds up plant growth.

Wool can absorb crude oil from the ocean and has been used to fill booms and clean up the oceans after oil disasters.


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