The right way to suck

Wool carpets are a big investment, a very rewarding and worthwhile investment, but big all the same.

It seems right that something you have carefully selected and paid for gets all the care and attention it deserves. The most basic and important thing to do is to keep your lovely wool carpet clean.

A few tips on Vacuuming

(Hoovering if you are British, or noo noo in Telly Tubby)

Laneve wool carpets trap dust, but this is a good thing as it means that dust is not floating about in your home irritating and causing allergies. Carpets are textiles and require a little bit of looking after. The most important thing to do is to regularly vacuum your carpet, especially in high traffic areas.

Vacuuming once per week will ensure that dust and dirt is kept out of the pile. Vacuum a little more often in heavy traffic areas.

Certain cleaners are more appropriate for certain types of carpets. Make sure you choose the best type of cleaner to keep your carpet looking marvellous.

Oh, and take it slow, don’t frantically scurry about, give the machine time to lift the dirt out of the pile.

If there are small piles of loose fibre on your carpet, DON’T PANIC!

The 1st few times you vacuum your carpet there will be a little bit of shedding and the cleaner may fill up very fast. Shedding is a tiny percentage of the carpet fibres escaping from your carpet that don’t really need to be in there. This is completely normal and will settle down after a few weeks.

use this vacuum cleaner for loop pile wool

For the long term benefit of loop pile carpets use a cylinder cleaner.  Some short fibres can work their way out after the initial installation but this will settle down.

use an upright for cut pile wool – with a beater bar

An upright vacuum cleaner with a beater brush is best for cut pile carpets. Dust will be lifted from the pile by the brushing action.

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