The Future of Everything and Wool

The Future of Wool (or anything).

How we are going to make wool exciting, again…

How well we know our customers to a very large extent determines how well our product will sell. If we build products based on the market demand then surely our offering will work.

Well, no it is not that simple.

If you listen to a focus group you will get information about what people do and don’t like based on what they are seeing in the current market.  If you build a product based on this you are building a “me too” product that will be nearly as good as the product that inspired the people in your focus group.

The 1st of anything is not copied from a similar product, or evolved with a new colour.  The 1st one is the new innovation that creates a new market all of its own.  The 1st iPad was not a small step, it was a compete re-think of what would be an amazing way to interact with the digital world.

With wool or anything else, we need to design an experience that customers of the future will simply have to have.  This means focusing less on the current market and more on the future market.  That is not as hard as it may seem.  Future trend mapping is a common practice in the design industry but unfortunately not so common in marketing.

When you really understand what motivates people you can start imagining the solutions that people will want to engage with.  Then you start building the solution and assembling the parts…

We don’t sell wool by promoting wool for wool’s sake. We work with smart future focused companies and we imagine and build the ultimate experience with wool.  We design our way to better sales.

After all, marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.


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