Itchy and Scratchy – NOT

Itchy and Scratchy – Yeah right!

This week I was asked if the wool from “carpet sheep” is Itchy and Scratchy!

I replied with “No no no no no no no no and finally no!”

There is a hierarchy of wool from very fine wool used in men’s suits to coarse wools or “strong wool” used in carpets.
New Zealand wool is known in the textiles trade to be softer, brighter and whiter when compared to wools from other regions.
There are multiple reasons for this ranging from selective breeding to the climate and in particular excellence in farming practice. Some of the sheep like Merinos grow very fine wool and other sheep like the Romney or Perendale are great for carpet wool.

If the fine wool is used in interior textiles it is too soft and won’t perform, If the coarse wool is put into clothing then yes it might be a bit scratchy, that’s not because wool itself is scratchy, it is that the wrong wool was used.
It is like making a cake if you use the wrong ingredients you get a rubbish cake.

The trick is to use a master chef to bake your cake.  The craftsmen who make great textiles know how to select the very best wools which are fit for purpose for making the most sumptuous carpets and fabrics that also perform.

Wool carpets are wonderful to walk on, they are soft to touch and soft on the ears also.  Let’s not pick on wool with terms like Itchy and scratchy, lets pick on synthetics that melt into your skin or on hard floors which break the hips of your grandmother when the poor old dear slips over..

Wool carpets are excellent. See..

Lovely soft wool carpet.

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