Not a Lamb Roast

I have just been speaking with the writer Denna Jones about the importance of Laneve wool . It’s always fun to talk about sheep and all things wool! Denna is writing an article on “The importance of Wool” and had lots of probing questions about the part of sustainability we don’t always talk about.

Laneve wool only is only collected from live sheep, once the sheep has its annual haircut it is returned to the paddock to play with all the other sheep. This raised an obvious question…
“Doesn’t all wool come from happy living sheep?!!” – Well no!

Annabel with her happy and living Laneve sheep

Sheep are not only cute and fluffy, they also taste really good. A lot of wool is taken from sheep that have been prepared for a lamb roast. It’s called slipe wool. It’s perfectly good wool and can be used to make perfectly good carpets and textiles.

We only allow Laneve to have shorn wool from live sheep as it allows us to trace the wool to the farm and ensure that all the boxes on sustainability and animal husbandry have been ticked. Slipe wool can use chemicals and processes that don’t fit with what Laneve is all about.

This is a point that Denna and a few other animal lovers have been saying we should talk more about, so here I am talking about it.

Laneve wool only uses wool from happy cute sheep in New Zealand that live long happy lives.
If it’s not Laneve we can’t actually tell where it came from and how it got into your carpet.

Denna Jones blog is here…

Not a Laneve sheep but still very tasty

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