Just a few short years ago the captains of the UK carpet industry were adamant that the market was flooded with brands and there was no way that we could introduce another brand without annoying retailers and confusing consumers.

They were right that there are too many brands but they were wrong to underestimate their customers.  We weren’t talking about introducing just another brand; our intention was to create Laneve™ to identify carpets and textiles of exceptional beauty and integrity.

There will always be room for a new brand if it stands for something that is new, different and better than all the noise that is already out there.  It turns out that the more flooded the market is the more consumers and retailers seek out what’s special.

Perhaps we did not explain ourselves properly all those years ago. We should have said…

“We are going to create the ultimate customer experience using the most sustainable and robust materials and wrap it up in the most sumptuous textiles. Then we will communicate the technical and ethical advantages of our product to the growing number of affluent consumers who care about what they expose their families to and who care about our planet”

We could have spent an eternity trying to convince the old boys, but we just got on and did it. It’s called Laneve and its available now through retailers that have shared our vision and our passion…

We are lucky as our product comes from a part of the world where beauty and sustainability is mandatory.

A Laneve wool factory in New Zealand

We chose to create an ethical brand centred on sustainability – But then we grow wool so it was kind of a natural fit.  But your brand can have any ethos you design, just so long as it’s different and it is genuine.

Oh and one last thing. The brand is not the logo; the brand is what you stand for and what your customers think of you. Without customers you don’t have a brand, you just have a logo.

Not just a logo – Laneve is special.

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