Wool Won’t Burn

Wool is amazing stuff.  It actually makes you safer by living with it.  Wool textiles cleans the air by absorbing indoor air toxins, Wool carpets trap dust and absorbs  moisture creating a safe breathing zone, and wool won’t burn.

Fibres made of oil like Nylon and polyester burn rapidly and what’s worse they melt.  If synthetic clothing burns it melts into the skin and must be surgically removed.

Wool is naturally resistant to burning due to its high keratin protein and moisture content.

Wool by comparison is very difficult to set alight and will only burn weakly if held over a flame.  Wool will self extinguish when the flame is removed.  Even better wool turns into a char which can be brushed away often leaving a textile completely unmarked.

With wool there is less chance of ignition, less likelihood of flames spreading, and less smoke (than synthetic fibres), which makes it one of the safest materials.

Wool is the ultimate fibre for safe family homes!

Wool is family safe.

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