How to Break Your Brand

Many brands promise a lot but then deliver less.
It is tempting when income streams dry up to cut a few corners, downgrade on the specification, buy cheaper parts, and hope the end user does not notice.

They notice and they leave!

If your product doesn’t do what it says on the tin.  If you promise one thing and deliver another, then you are probably going to get found out, and your customers will leave you.  But it gets worse…  they will go and tell ten friends, they will discuss it in the boardroom and at the water cooler.. You are basically stuffed.
The hard work you put in building your brand can be ruined far quicker than it took to make it in the first place.

How to ruin your brand in four easy steps…


 Woolblogs’s step by step guide to commercial suicide.









Step 1. – Create a great product.

You do this by listening to the market. Truly understanding consumer needs and desires and delivering a solution before anyone else.  Do not confuse this step with ‘create a product’ You have to be 1st and original, otherwise you are an alternative product! You could only compete on price so you will never be a great brand if you compromise during the design phase.

Step 2. – Build Sales and Brand Reputation.

This will be easy if you followed step 1.
Great products sell by word of mouth. People enjoy using them and enjoy telling their friends. This is an important point as it will aid in our mission to destroy our business.

Step 3. – Cheapen the blend.

Now you know what your customer needs and wants you are safe right?
You have the distribution and the reputation.   A small tweak to the blend of parts and services won’t hurt.

Maybe you have built sufficient volume that you can deliver more efficient products via an integrated pipeline. You pay less and deliver the same value. That won’t help us on our mission.

We need to substitute those well performing elements for lesser and cheaper bits and bobs.  In the long-term we want the consumer experience to be just a little less.

Step 4. – Ignore the competition

While we have been focusing on ripping off our suppliers and our customers some bright spark has copied our business model, but improved the features and the delivery time. They took our offering to the next level and are effectively stealing our market share. Don’t worry about this.. It’s going to help.  For goodness sake do not speak to your customers and ask how you can improve your own offering.

Step 4. – Sit back and wait.

That is all you have to do. More quickly than you built your brand you have destroyed it. Your products are breaking down, when they finally get delivered that is.
Your customers are blogging against you and spreading the word of what a remarkably pathetic company you have become.

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