A little bit on Colour and Style

Ossimi courtesy of Flock – Natural Luxury

Colour (or color for our American friends) and style is a very personal thing. There are no right or wrong designs; it’s all about finding what works for you. There are things that work better than others and colour combinations that will create moods and be more in tune with fashion trends.
Culture plays an important role in colour selection with some colours having very different connotations depending on somebody’s background and their personal experiences and subsequent associations. You are never going to please all the people all the time, colour and style will always be down to a level of personal taste.
Colour is in everything around us but the actual colours we are exposed to are determined by our local environment and the objects we surround ourselves with.
The internet, social media and longer established media like cinema are also an influence so the local environment is no longer the only thing that sets taste. It’s an ever changing world we live in where colour and fashion will continue to evolve and be influenced by local and international events.

Designers spend a lot of time studying the psychology of colour and know how to create textiles and interiors that use colour for maximum or if desired minimum impact. Luckily the best examples are featured in trend magazines and websites making it relatively easy and affordable for us normal people to get inspired.
A few sites like Pinterest and Houzz.com are popping up where you can find interiors that look great and then post your favourite rooms and objects to virtual pin-boards. These are great tools for gathering ideas and deciding on a theme for your own home.
Have fun with it but remember to use Wool! Our Wool is perfect for any interior and offers truly unlimited colour and style options. New Zealand Wool is a modern fibre with incredible features that have been built in by nature over thousands of years.

Image courtesy of Bronte Carpets

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