Persuading people to buy our wool

New Zealand Wool is the fibre of choice in some of the world’s most beautiful textiles and we are working hard through the entire value chain to remind people to specify Wools of New Zealand branded wool.   There is no stronger argument to get a manufacturer to buy wool than having her customer demand it.  This is why we have a strong focus on the consumer and connecting with people before and at the point-of-sale.

The retail shop is where final decisions are made, where style and performance is weighed against price.   This is where the battle for our New Zealand wool is won or lost.

A customer walking in already informed about product benefits via our various digital media channels makes the battle a little easier, but no matter how much a consumer desires your brand she can easily be switched by a sales person who is pushing plastics or hard flooring.

We built The Laneve™ programme and our network of retailers, The Premier Partner – Showrooms of Excellence to ensure we are telling our story at every opportunity and most importantly to the right people at the right time.

We have collaborative marketing agreements in place to promote the benefits of these carpets to consumers with traceability and sustainability being a major selling point.

Colour and style is always the first thing to get right so we provide a cutting edge carpet design service for manufactures and we approve retail partners who have what it takes to sell a high value products to discerning consumers.   Laneve™ is purposely positioned into specialty stores that are focussed on the higher end of the interiors market.

I’m not claiming that we have everything just right, and we certainly have a lot of work to do yet, but we have chosen an audience and are actively working to persuade our chosen customers to spend a little cash on lovely New Zealand wool.

And that is the key.  We are not trying to turn the whole world onto wool; we have deliberately focussed on building our fan base and exceeding their expectations.

One of our Premier Partners is shown below.. These guys know how to sell wool.


One thought on “Persuading people to buy our wool

  1. Excellent comments Steven,

    The wool industry has been slow to react to changes in consumer tastes and the benefits of wool became background noise compared to the cheaper prices of synthetic blends.

    The only way forward for the wool industry is as you suggest – Tell the story of wool, your not just buying a product, its the story behind that you are buying into, a legacy of quality and durability, warmth and softness.

    Unfortunately the marketing of wool has been left behind, in today’s fast paced world its a hard place to get back from, but unlike other products competing in the same marketplace wool does have the advantage of being the best product around, its just a matter of making sure that the message is being heard and that its the right one.

    Thanks Steven, really enjoying your blog.

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