Digital Media and Kiwi Wool

New Zealand wool is renowned for its pure qualities and there is no doubt it is favoured by the world’s leading manufacturers.  Once people try our wool they love it, but we cannot leave it all to a shop floor sales person to do our job for us.  Part of our challenge is to sell people on our brand of wool before they begin their shopping experience or even touch the product.

We know that millions of interior designers and consumers are researching brands and products on-line and using the digital media channels to share great stories.

Sales representatives present catalogues on iPads, Interior designers use online pin-boards like Pinterest to learn about their customer’s preferences and influential designers tweet their fans with the latest discoveries.

There is a conversation going on in the digital world that if you are not part of then you are not doing business with the modern world.

By using various forms of digital media we are part of the conversation, but more than this we can establish leadership in sustainability, innovation and colour and design by using various methods of digital media to grab the attention of influential players in the digital realm.

This Blog on innovation and marketing is read by over 1200 industry people every month.  We know that this tool is reaching the right people as they tell us they have been switched onto our brand after reading

We have produced iBooks for partners that tell all the advantages of branded wool in one easy and fun to use format.   Non-partner companies look on with envy when we explain that the iBook is only available to paying customers.

Our partner companies are telling the story of New Zealand wool on their own sites, producing videos to place on YouTube and working with our team to create inspirational and relevant communication tools with Wools of New Zealand leading the way and creating a culture of digital innovation within our network of partners.

Having a digital presence is now critical but you have to use the right tools.  The methods and the language you use with consumers are very different to how you talk to your trade partners.   Some tools are great for brand awareness, creating back links to lift your Google profile, or for sharing your expertise.  One thing is certain, you have to be doing something and it has to be meaningful to the people you are trying to engage with.

The WNZ Laneve iBook

2 thoughts on “Digital Media and Kiwi Wool

  1. You know? I have been trying to find the wool that the US Army used to issue. I liked it because it was always warm. But now I can’t find all wool sweaters anywhere they have the gloves and socks but not te sweaters. What would I have to do to get my hands on a couple of itchy sweaters?

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