Classic Retail Magic

This week a new retail experience is opening in Harrogate in the UK.  Harrogate is a spa town with an affluent bunch of consumers who are discerning and expect an excellent shopping experience.

The shop is “Classic Floors”, yes a carpet shop no less!  Woohoo I hear you say.   What is so special about yet another carpet shop?

Classic Floors are setting out to enchant their customers and deliver a shopping experience that will set them above the average beige carpet shop.  They will carry superb wool products including the sustainable Laneve wool carpet ranges.

The shop is open and light.  There are carefully selected products on display, each with its own unique appeal.  It will be a hub for interior designers and design-conscious customers  to gravitate to for the very best products and service.  The staff will have expert knowledge of the products they sell and an in-depth understanding of their customers.

Classic Floors have made a statement and made it public on their website..

Classic Floors of Harrogate , was born out of a strong desire to break away from the current perception of small, badly lit, dusty shops with a hodge podge of carpet ranges – interspersed with crumpled sample books.”

This business is going out of its way to be different for the right reasons.  Right when the carpet market is depressed it is making a statement and looking to be remarkable.

Take a peek at their website..

Classic Floors deserves to be a Premier Partner with Wools of New Zealand.  We wish them luck!

2 thoughts on “Classic Retail Magic

  1. Great blog Steven. We are proud to be associated with Classic Floors of Harrogate and wish them every success. Great to see the finished showroom, the perfect surroundings for some fabulous Laneve products! Mike and SMG Team.

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