Sexy Authenticity

Enchanting your customers is essential to building your brand and selling products at reasonable margins.

Buying in bulk and selling at volume works if you are big enough, but it’s a lot of work and you will always be vulnerable to market fluctuations, volatile pricing and other beige products that copy you.

To break out of the commodity downward cycle we need to inspire people to engage with our brands.   A fancy logo and a mission statement is not a brand.  A brand is the experience that customers have with you and it is only as valuable as your customers believe it is.

A push mentality won’t build a brand and it won’t get people engaged with your product.

People no longer want to be marketed to and they no longer pay good money for average stuff.  People want to be entertained, engaged and thrilled by what they spend decent money on,  or they want a bargain.  People want to be enchanted.

People want to trust a product and a brand.  Knowing what value is being delivered, where the product was made, by who and from what are all important to affluent environmentally conscious consumers.

Make your product sexy, and make it authentic.

Make it renewable, natural, promote the benefits to the person who buys it and make it aspirational.

Use scarcity to your advantage.  If it is scarce it is harder to get hold of, and more treasured by those that can afford it.

Do you want to be all things to all people or special to a few people that love your product and are willing to pay for what only you have to offer?

The fabric below Blazer by Camira uses 100% Laneve wool from New Zealand which is traceable to the farms in New Zealand where it is grown.  The product offers incredible performance as well as being sensuous and colourful.

Blazer by Camira Fabrics – A Sexy and Authentic product

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