Super Fibre

After decades of research scientists have discovered the super-fibre.

Imagine if you can a textile fibre that can be used as the foundation for clothing, upholstery and flooring.   Indeed anything you touch.   What features and benefits would such a fibre have?

The Super Fibre

It would need to be comfortable, safe, protective and sustainable.

A fibre has been discovered that has a vast range of benefits for humans to wear and interact with.

The Super fibre is flame resistant, anti-static, it absorbs indoor air toxins, and it is completely non-allergenic and good for asthma sufferers.  The super fibre can actually control indoor air humidity.  Use of it in homes and offices can control noise, and can cushion falls.  So next time you drop your precious gadget it will have a soft landing!

Super fibre is also completely renewable and biodegradable.   It seems every possible feature has been thought of.

The military in both the USA and the UK are using it as it won’t burn and melt into the skin like a normal synthetic fibre.   The Queens guards are wearing it and it is even used to protect the future King of England who is running a campaign to promote it.

It is even being used to cover high performance snooker tables and tennis balls.

The name of the Super Fibre is wool.

It seems that after decades of man stuffing about with oil to extrude fibres like nylon and polyester to make plastic surfaces he still has not come close to replicating all the natural benefits of wool.

Man has always comforted and protected himself with soft floor-coverings and clothing but it seems that while oil was cheap he thought he could out design nature herself.     All he had to do was borrow some fibre from his sheep, which will re-grow new fibre for him every year.

The queens guards wearing red coloured wool - the super fibre.


4 thoughts on “Super Fibre

  1. I didn’t know that wool absorbs toxins from indoor air. But I’m glad to learn this!

    I’m a cyclist (and also a hiker and a kayaker). All of my shirts and all of my socks are wool. I have wool leggings (aka “long johns”) to wear under my pants when it’s very cold, or raining. You may have heard that it rains a lot in Seattle… Anyway, hikers say “cotton kills” and you should never take any into the back country; cyclists know that moment when we’ve worked up a sweat climbing a mountain standing on our pedals, only to be hit with a chilling breeze when we reach the top, and a strong wind while we cruise back down the hill. Clothing that keeps me cool as I struggle against gravity, and then warm when I succumb to it, is very dear to me.

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