We are all DOOMED!

Prepare for Massive Change!

What is your business doing to anticipate market shifts?
The world is changing at an ever increasing pace, yet many companies keep doing what they have always done.
It is critical to the survival of organisations that they anticipate market shifts and prepare alternative scenarios.

“Innovation is the only way we will grow our business’ and save the planet at the same time!” – Steven Parsons (Me)

We must protect the resources that allow a sustainable business.

“Sustainable” is the the new buzz-word . “Innovation” is also getting a fair bit of use by public speakers and business leaders.

These words have become part of modern business language, but unlike buzzwords of the past these words are relevant and essential parts of all our vocabularies.

The planet is stuffed, or soon will be if we don’t stop using resources as if they can easily be replaced. But it is not just natural resources we are abusing. To have true sustainability we must protect our ecology, our society and our economies.

Sustianability for business means building systems that allow long term benefits to all stakeholders. Many business have contributed to the system failure we are currently living through with both the climate and economies. What we are seeing now are the consequences of short term planning with no regard to future proofing our industries.

“We can not seperate business and the natural environment. Without natural resources we have no business, without business we have unhealthy societies. When society fails we all need to look out!” – Me again

You Don’t Have A Choice

If we don’t act now it is all over.

As business leaders have failed to create sustainability into their models, governments are stepping in.  Legisltaion is emerging that makes complience to social, environmental and even ecomomical responsability compulsory.
OK so its alway been illegal to commit fraud, but we now see governments stepping in to make frankly stupid banking practices illegal.
The EU has introduced legislation to ensure all products sold in it’s 27 states comply to strict sustainable guidlines. This will mean not using nasty pesticides to grow cotton, Not consuming masive amounts of electricity to produce (insert your product here). Not using seven year olds in India to sew beads on your clothes.  Not hiding profits in foreign bank accounts.

Business isn’t getting harder, it’s just getting fair.

People, those things we refer to as consumers, are also getting fussy. People will not buy a product that shows no trace of where it has been.  Pressure is coming from leglislation and from people to provide goods and services with integrity.
If anyone can tell me how it is still legal to sell guns and cigarettes please leave comments below.  We will see the end of this stupidity soon enough.
It makes good business sense to lead.

If you are smart, which you must be to have read this far, then you know the path to business success is in getting ahead of your competitors. Stop worrying about sustainability and start innovating solutions.
When you have a sustainable story that is bullet-proof you will have an edge on the many companies that won’t.  You will have lower costs as you have found efficient value chains, you will have happy customers who trust your brand.  You will have happy employess who are proud and who are confident that their jobs will be safe.
As a special bonus you might have a planet that your grandchildren can enjoy.

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