Man cannot live by bread alone. He needs sheep!

If you sit alone in a room and try to do something remarkable you fill find it tough going.

People are like sheep. They like to be with other sheep. Sometimes they like to lead and sometimes they like to follow.
One sheep alone is a tasty treat for a hungry wolf. But join a flock and chances are someone else will get eaten.. someone who wasn’t contributing all that much anyway.
You can still be a sheep and stand out from the flock, you just have to be a PURPLE SHEEP

Interact with those around you for maximun productivity.

To know what’s happening in your business you need to spend less time writing emails and more time talking.  Get to the water cooler and find out how business really is.  Don’t start having meetings for meeting sake, but make a serious effort to interact on as many projects as you can.  Make an effort to see the big picture.
Make a serious effort to help those around you see the big picture and to feel good about what they do.  They will work harder,- and smarter, and when you need it they will be there to help you.
When the whole team is motivated and alligned and really understands why, your workplace becomes fun and productive.

Soon enough remarkale things start happening , things that will enchant your customers and make your company the one that is impossible not to do business with.

2 thoughts on “Man cannot live by bread alone. He needs sheep!

  1. YES! People are very much like sheep..and I didn’t really realize it until I began thinking about writing a children’s book about sheep. My father always wanted to go live on a sheep farm for three months…his trade was that of a self-employed mechanic. The book is for Dad.

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