Digital Wool

Why we need to embrace the world of digital media.

The wool industry is one of the oldest on earth. Wool is a remarkable natural fibre that has not changed for centuries, it just works. However the world has changed and just because something is great does not mean modern consumers will discover it if we do nothing.

People are looking for trusted brands and remarkable sustainable products. When given the right tools these connected consumers tell their friends which creates a viral market effect.

Digital media will become an increasingly relevant communication tool. Digital media allows for tracking of consumer preferences and monitoring of brand reputation. This media allows us to listen to, understand and react to consumer demand.

Because you are reading this Blog , Immediately I can see who is reading this blog, where you are located and what stories resonate with you. This allows me to continually refine and improve the posts to ensure that they are interesting to somebody out there in the blogosphere.

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) sites are very good for increasing brand awareness and for consumer to consumer (trusted) referrals of branded products. The best way to reach people is not to ram advertising down their throats, it is to allow them to talk about the wonderful experience you have delivered via an exceptional product and outstanding service. Enchant your customers and they will talk about you. Giving people the tools to talk allows you to monitor and even participate in the conversation about your brand.

Professional networking sites like Linked-in are an increasingly relevant way to engage with interior designers and architects or whoever your target audience might be.

So build a product, the product always comes first! But if you want someone to engage with your product and to discover its remarkable features you need to tell somebody. Preferably somebody who will tell five friends…

3 thoughts on “Digital Wool

  1. Hi Steven,

    Thanks for “Liking” my blog post at Webs And Threads. I enjoyed your blog and art website also. It’s always nice to have a real person connected to the big and unknown sphere of “reader”!
    Nancy from San Francisco/

  2. Thank you for operating your lighthouse. Maybe now we can more successfully navigate these waters. It is so inspirational to learn that people such as yourself are thinking seriously about the confluence of business and ecology. Thank you for sharing your insights. My great grandfather raised sheep in Washington State, and I feel that he would have loved your blog, had he the chance. Maybe we’re all connected, after all . . .

  3. I’m not a textile maker, nor am I in the wool industry. I’m just a guy who enjoys wearing the stuff, and, I guess, who’s curious. (I’m surfing the net on a slow day, seeing what else I can learn…) So take this with a grain of salt.

    Among people with athletic interests, at least, wool sells itself, much like drugs. Anyone who’s ever set out on a long hike on what began as a warm sunny day, and found themselves caught in a cold thunderstorm, with rain coming down like nails, places great value on clothing that adapts, that has a very wide range of comfort.

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