The Incredible Sheep and Plant Hybrid.

What happens when you mix sheeps wool with hemp plant fibre?

You get the most remarkable and sustainable textile for interiors.

UK based company Camira has created HEMP an upholstery fabric made from 60% New Zealand lambs wool (a completely renewable and sustainable material) and 40% Hemp fibre (another completely sustainable and renewable fibre).

The finished product performs brilliantly, and carries all the benefits of wool. If you are thinking about building a green interior then this has to be on your must have list of fabrics.

The story is so good Camira worked with Royal College of Arts graduate and Sundance Film Festival nominee, Dan Ojari to produce a stop-motion animation demonstrating the sustainability of hemp.

The video engages the audience with detail of the yarn and lifecycle of the fabric. Starting and finishing with the hemp plant to represent the ecological sustainability of Hemp and the ongoing use of natural materials in contract fabrics.

You can see Camira’s website at

3 thoughts on “The Incredible Sheep and Plant Hybrid.

  1. Very cool, glad to hear the textile industry is learning the power of cloth alloys, haha. Makes me want combine all sorts of fibres. In class this month we are wet felting wool with a whole variety of alternative structures and fibres. Anything we can think of really. It promises to lead to some interesting experimentation.

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