Why do we build stuff?

Often we get caught in the trap of producing stuff, but forget why it is we need the stuff in the 1st place.

Now that the world has information overload it is really important that the stuff we build is not just noise.
Why build a brand, or a website or open a store?  We build these things to do business. We build things that add to the engagement with our customers and that increase the likelihood that people will do business with us.
We build things to grow market share and therefore sell more product, and to position ourselves high in the market where there is more margin to be captured. We get customers back, paying more and telling their friends by enchanting them.

Retailers need a variety of products at reasonable price points that they create a profit from. These products must be attractive and have a point-of-difference over alternative products in the shop next door.  More and that topic is Here.

So we have to build the right product, but then what? How do we get the message out there?

We can increase the attraction of our business using smart communication with consumers and with store staff.

How do we engage with consumers and direct them into our store?

It is accepted that consumers now research product choices on-line. There are a vast amounts of tools available for business to consumer and consumer to consumer discussions to take place. Part of your job now is to get in the middle of these discussions and steer them into outlets for your brand or product.
Social media has become as an enormously powerful tool for business referrals. Mainly this is due to trust between consumer to consumer, but also the speed and low-cost at which stories can spread means there is no delay between writing a story and reaching your audience.
These tools allow us to listen to the market, measure the success of each action and continually refine and improve the communication with our customers.

It is no longer good enough to deliver the expected level of customer service, We now have to aim at Customer Enchantment. Happy customers come back, but enchanted cusomers come back with their friends.

We (Wools of New Zealand) use emotive images, not just because New Zealand is a beutiful place, but to create a connection between the farmers and the customer. To let them know they are buying something special that is worth tweeting about.

One thought on “Why do we build stuff?

  1. Love this website. Pure commonsense blended with art and beautiful images. No doubt it will enhance your business. The only problem that I have with everyone rushing to go online, twittering and Facebooking with their businesses is the steady increase in spam, hackers and garbage that seems to follow genuine businesses all over the place. I went hunting for a recipe today for humble Chicken Soup and kept getting popup blocks, virus warnings and threat blocks from recipe sites! The more we blend business and the net, the more of this bampf is rushing to join the throng. Well done on promoting wool and it’s many and varied uses.

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