The Obsession With Fake

20th century obsession with fake

21st century return to sanity.

Wool is made from grass

 Last century developed nations became obsessed with synthetic or fake products.  The discovey that crude oil could be altered chemically into polyamides (plastics) has seen our entire human habitats become un-natural. Which in my opinion is somewhat bizarre.
We now live in a world where entire generations have only been exposed to synthetic materials, nylon carpets, polyester clothing and vinyl have replaced silk, cotton and wool to the extreme that 96% of Americans live and work with textiles that are essentially plastic.  During this same period there has been a dramtic rise in incidence of conditions like asthma.

We now live in a smarter world. We are no longer fooled by advertising and propaganda and now look for true information before investing.  Social media allows person to person sharing of ideas, and the ideas that spread are the remarkable ones about things that have inherent integrity.  People are returning to natural products and are fast realising that the obsession with synthetics was just a very short blip in the thousands of year of history between man and natural materials.
The 21st century will naturally see the return to sensibility!
People don’t even realise the world around them is completely man made.
The 20th century’s obsession with fake has seen rises in disease as people simply are not exposed to natural elements that they have evolved over millenia to live with.  During the last few decades manufacturers of false materials have actually spread proaganda claiming that natural textiles can cause ill health.
Carpets were reported to be a safe haven for dust mites. Scientific research shows that asthmatics are far better to live with wool carpets that will absorb indoor air toxins and control indoor humidity than to live with hard flooring that can not keep  dust particles from entering the air we breathe.
If you get the chance walk on a nylon carpet on bare feet,  then walk on wool.  You won’t belive what you ahve been missing out on!
This century we are finally seeing people, even governments come to their senses.  People are starting to wake up and demand things made from real stuff that will enhance their lifestyles and make them and their familes lives healthier and richer. Green is no longer a movenemt for stinky hippies. Sustainability is now good business practice.
People now want things that are good for them and the planet. Things that are..
Sustainable Renewable Biodegrable

One thought on “The Obsession With Fake

  1. Your dead right there! Good to see a fellow “Down Underite” liking one of my posts. I remember making wool cushion cooking systems when I lived in a small town a while ago. We got fleece and stuffed it into cushions. We each needed 6 of these fleece stuffed cushions and we put one in the bottom of a basket, 4 around the sides of the basket and the object was to get a casserole/stew/ started on the stove by browing everything like you normally would, pouring in boiling stock and then placing a tight lid on your pot, putting it into the basket and placing the final fleece cushion on top and wrapping the whole basket in a woollen blanket. After that you just forgot about your interesting food parcel till the evening meal (you prepared this mid morning) and it was cooked and delicious. It was an experiment in natural cooking using the amazing heat retentive properties of wool. Woollen insulation is amazing as well and right along that pathway of thinking. People need to see what happens to man made bed linen and clothing when it sets on fire compared with woollen blankets and clothing. Wool is naturally fire retardant and will only smoulder but nylon and it’s compatriots will ignite a room in no time. Wool needs to be actively promoted and you are doing a great job. I also love your paintings and the purple sheep. One day we will visit New Zealand. It’s not all that far from Tasmania to be honest and it is so very beautiful. Cheers for liking my post and thank you for sharing the truth about how amazing wool is and just how preferable it is to use it against non sustainable man made fibres. Wool needs to be harvested for the sheeps comfort, there is nothing wrong with shearing a sheep and the resulting fleece has so many uses that I can’t even list them all here. Go on people…make the right choice about using wool. Its a magnificent product and all natural and is the future for the textile industry. It might be a bit more expensive than man made fibres but it has a significantly less carbon footprint.

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