Purple Sheep and USP’s

Unique Selling Points (USP’s) are essential in capturing high value sales.  Without a clear point of difference between any two products the only real reason to purchase one product over another becomes price.   People are willing to pay for something special but they need to feel that they are getting value for their hard earned cash.  More than ever products need a story.  It might be colour and design or it might be a remarkable technical benefit but if the product doesn’t have something to make it special then why should you pay a special price?

 This is why we need Purple Sheep.

Imagine you are in holiday in a South Pacific paradise, say New Zealand.  You have seen the glaciers, climbed the volcanoes and done the bungee jump.  Naturally you will want to look at some sheep in order to make your Kiwi adventure complete.  At first you are amazed by the beauty of this wonderful white fluffy creature grazing peacefully on the lush New Zealand countryside.  After a while you start to realise all the sheep look pretty much the same.  Even sheep can be a little boring after a while.  The numer of sheep makes each individual sheep unremarkable.  But then you see something special.  It is a sheep with a purple fleece “The Purple Sheep”.  A purple sheep gets noticed, it gets remarked upon, because a purple sheep stands out from the flock.

In carpet terms there are beige cut piles, all looking pretty much the same and competing for shelf space and for price.  Then there are added value products with stunning colour and design and most of all a story to tell your customers and your friends.

Wools of New Zealand created Laneve in order to tell a story.  Every person who buys a Laneve carpet can trace that carpet to the farm where the purple sheep roam.  Better still they can tell their friends on Facebook, or Pinterest or however they wish.   Laneve is not just about tracing wool through a supply chain.  Laneve is there to tell a story and make people feel special about what they put in their homes.

8 thoughts on “Purple Sheep and USP’s

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      • Haha gold!! I actually followed Seth for some time on Twitter but you’d never believe it I actually found his tweets a little dull and unfollowed. Maybe he needs to tweet in purple?

      • I read his books, he has a way of putting what is just good design thinking into more basic language that marketing grads can understand. Too much Seth can get a bit tedious.. Hey love your t shirts!

      • Agreed. Not the I love my t shirts bit haha. Now you have inspired me to tidy that site up. It is the metaphoric equivalent of a bookcover with dust on it. Set it up eons ago and haven’t really promoted at all. You based in London Steven?

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