Why Origin Matters

Increasingly people care about where the products in their homes come from and what materials they are made from. Even the iconic apple brand is not imune to public pressure to provide not only excellence in design and product quality, but also a fair wage for the people who produce the products and responsibility to the environment.

It is often assumed that because a product is made from a natural material that it has been ethically produced but that is not always the case. In some parts of the world where wool is grown there are poor farming standards, poor animal welfare practices and low wages for workers. The quality of the wool grown in these areas suffers as a result. When used in products the products require more energy and time to create and often will have inherent performance issues.

The poor consumer thinks they are making an ethical choice to purchase a natural product, but sometimes the products pretending to be wool only contain very small amounts and the wool that is used is not enough to create any benefits.

New Zealand is the ideal climate for growing wool. The New Zealand sheep have been purposely bred to grow the right type of fibre for interior textiles and there are currently almost 30 million of them. The sheep in New Zealand not only grow great wool for textiles, but because of the environment is ideal and the sheep are so well cared for they actually grow a lot more wool than sheep from other parts of the world. The large volumes of wool produced allows an economy of scale meaning that wool is moved and processed more economically and with less environmental impact than is possible anywhere else in the world.

Wools of New Zealand created the Laneve™ brand in order to identify products with real integrity. The wool specifications are set before the lambs are born so that fibre is produced that is ideally suited for the product that it forms. The wool is grown, collected and prepared for manufacturing in large quantities that ensures efficiency. The farmers that join the Laneve™ programme sign up to a strict code of conduct and adhere to the very best practice in animal welfare, social welfare and land management. Above all the wool which is selected has outstanding quality.

Manufacturers who offer Laneve enter a partnership with the New Zealand wool growers to provide an exceptional product that is truly ethical and sustainable. This partnership ensures that the textiles created set benchmarks for quality and sustainability.

Laneve™ wools flow through efficient value chains that are committed to continuous improvement, sustainability and excellence in product design and customer experience.

All of the products under the Laneve™ brand must b 100% wool with no synthetic fibres. This enables the products to be recycled after many years of providing warmth, safety and great looks.

In the United Kingdom carpets containing Laneve can be purchased from special retailers known as Premier Partners. You can find one by clicking on the logo below…

find a Premier Partner

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